Trendy Ski Outfits for Your First Vacation in 2020

Posted February 5, 2020 by in Fashion

The holidays are over and the New Year is back in full swing — but that doesn’t mean you haven’t earned a vacation. While the snow remains thick on the ground, you should schedule a ski trip to your favorite mountain destination, or maybe even someplace new and exotic like Nozawa Onsen or Cerro Castor. Then, because you don’t want to be seen in last year’s ski fashions, you should treat yourself to a few new outfits to keep you warm on the slopes.

But has the new decade ushered in a slew of stylish ski outfits? You bet — and we’ve rounded up the best of them to keep you cute from the top of the ski lift to the bottom of the hill:

trendy ski outfits

Puffer Jacket + Leggings

After a decade focused on slim and scanty silhouettes, 2020 is kicking off with a revolutionary change: Bulky is in. Especially when it comes to outerwear, you want to create a large and boxy hulk, which conforms to emerging trends toward androgyny. One of the most stylish way to do this on the slopes is with an overstuffed, puffy jacket. 

Hailing from the 1980s, when extra padding was tres chic, the puffer jacket has long been popular with style icons like Princess Diana and is seeing a resurgence among young trendsetters like Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski. The excessive bulk of the puffy jacket is best balanced by a slim leg, like neutral-colored leggings for women or skinny or tapered joggers for men.

puffer jacket ski outfit

Monochrome Ensemble

The beauty of ski clothing is that it tends to come in all sorts of outrageous hues and patterns that typically aren’t appropriate for everyday outfits. Then again, all that color and movement can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you are trying to focus on a vigorous athletic endeavor. To simplify things, you might opt for a monochrome ski ensemble, which unites a jacket and pants of the same color or color family. The most stylish monochromes are in neutrals like white and black. If this sounds boring to you, you might introduce a pop of color with your accessories, like a bright red cap, belt and/or gloves.

The Retro Ski Suit

The ski suit is an all-over article of clothing meant to simplify your outfit choices and protect every inch of you from the biting cold. For years, the ski suit has been a less-than-ideal ski outfit solution, not only because it often isn’t convenient for various bodily functions but also because it held so tightly onto its outdated look.

These days, the fashion throwbacks to the 1970s and ‘80s are very much in, so finding a ski suit with color blocking, striping and other retro elements will help you look effortlessly stylish. Plus, You can find ski suits with flaps that make answering nature’s call easier than ever

Faux Fur Jacket + Boots

Fur is in — but not real fur, that’s for sure. It’s safe to say that Peta won the war against fur, at least for now, as most celebrities and style icons won’t set foot outside unless their fluffy coats, handbags and other accoutrements are all fake. Perhaps because faux fur is finally looking and feeling as lush as the real thing, furry clothing is coming back in style, and you should consider integrating this texture into your ski ensemble. 

The simplest and most statement-making look is a slightly oversized fur jacket paired with leggings and a chunky, furry boot. You can follow the above patterns for color — i.e. monochrome, pop of color, or dazzlingly hued — or you can try out the just-burgeoning trend for earthy tones, like browns and greens, which work especially well with the natural colors of fur. However, whatever you do, you shouldn’t support the real fur industry; the fake stuff is just as warm and fluffy, is much less expensive and doesn’t require animal suffering for fashion.

ski outfit idea

A vacation to the snow-covered mountains is just what you need before 2020 gets away from you. If you don’t take the time to appreciate the New Year, you’ll blink and find yourself in December, preparing for 2021. With the right outfits in your suitcase, you can look and feel ready for the slopes — as well as whatever obstacles the upcoming year will throw your way.