Turkey Tail Mushroom Supplements vs. Fresh Mushrooms

Posted May 24, 2022 by in Health + Fitness

There are many therapeutic properties associated with the various species of medicinal mushrooms. Turkey tail is one of the over one hundred mushroom species researched for medicinal properties.

Humans have used turkey tail mushrooms for centuries, and they are a common part of East Asian medicines. The mushroom is renowned for its immune-boosting potential and is an excellent supplement for general health and wellness. It can also help manage inflammation, aid in digestion, and provide potent antioxidant effects.

Fresh turkey tail mushrooms are abundant and can be foraged just about anywhere globally, year-round. They’re commonly found growing on dead logs or hardwood stumps in forests. 

Although fresh turkey tail is easy to get your hands, supplements may be a better option. This article explores how turkey tail pills compare to fresh mushrooms.

What Does Fresh Turkey Tail Taste Like?

Turkey tail mushrooms don’t have a particularly bad taste, but they have a tough, woody texture and are chewy. 

While some mushrooms are highly sought-after for their flavor and use in cooking, turkey tail is not one of those mushrooms. Compared to other species, like shiitake, turkey tail is typically described as being “rather mild and unimpressive,” “not very mushroomy,” and “slightly bitter.”

The taste of turkey tail is more pungent than other medicinal mushrooms, and it has a texture that needs to be blended into something. Traditionally, people would brew it into teas.

Fortunately, there is an easier and more convenient way to add turkey tail to your wellness routine; turkey tail pills.  

What Are the Benefits of Using Turkey Tail Pills?

If you have no problem swallowing capsules, then turkey tail pills offer a convenient and accurate way to get your daily mushroom dose.

There are several benefits to choosing turkey tail pills over fresh mushrooms. We explore a few of these below.


Pills or capsules help overcome turkey tail’s taste concerns. You can swallow a pill with a glass of water the same way you take other herbal pills. Since turkey tail isn’t particularly palatable, many people prefer the tasteless nature of capsules.

Convenience and Ease of Use

Consuming a pill is as easy as swallowing one with water or any other drink of choice. Pills can easily be taken anywhere at any time of day and are easy to carry with you while on the go. For instance, you can take a turkey tail pill while commuting to work, in a social setting, or even in your workplace.

Precise Dosage

Unlike powders, which require the user to carefully measure dosage, each pill is infused with a predetermined amount of turkey tail extract. Therefore, you know exactly how much of the mushroom you’re consuming at any one time. 

No Mess

Using fresh mushrooms is often a messy and time-consuming affair. You have to prepare the mushrooms, cook them, and/or incorporate them into recipes. On the contrary, pills are hassle-free and leave absolutely no mess. 

Easy to Form a Habit

To get the most from your turkey tail experience, it’s important to take the mushroom consistently as part of a routine. The mushroom needs time to build up in your system to take full effect, typically a few weeks.

Pills make it incredibly easy to form a habit with mushrooms since they require no preparation. Find a time in the day that suits your lifestyle and schedule and stick to it, whether in the morning with breakfast or at nighttime before bed. 

Highly Concentrated

Another benefit of choosing supplements, like pills, is that they are more highly concentrated than fresh mushrooms. After harvesting, the fresh turkey tail is dried, ground, and placed in a solvent, either hot water or an alcohol solvent, to extract all the beneficial compounds. Then, the liquid is cooked down and condensed into a standardized concentration. 

Finally, the liquid extract containing the mushroom compounds is sprayed in a fine mist and dried to create a powder. In the case of turkey tail pills, the powder is infused into easy-to-swallow capsules.

Turkey Tail Mushroom Supplements on table

Turkey tail mushrooms boast various therapeutic properties, making them a valuable addition to just about any wellness routine. 

Fresh mushrooms aren’t particularly enjoyable and aren’t viewed as a culinary delicacy. Turkey tail pills are unmatched in convenience and ease of use, rendering them the preferred consumption method by many.

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