Types of Decal Materials Explained

Posted September 20, 2021 by in Career

Decals are usually used for sales promotions, branding and customer relations. There are myriad ways in which business owners can use decals. 

Decals are vinyl sheets made specifically for this purpose. These sheets have adhesive on one side. It can either be in the front or the back, depending on the purpose of the decal. In front windows, you may want to stick the decal on the inside of the windows. In this case, the adhesive is on the front of the decal. 

The plus side of using decals is that they are less expensive and easy to use. They are also versatile and can be made to order. 

Another type of decals, glass decals too can be modified and made to suit individual and business needs. They also look trendy which is why they are growing in popularity. 

Where can you use glass decals?

You can use glass decals in a number of places. This is the beauty and versatility of glass decals. 

  • Windows – Have you ever considered decorating your windows with glass decals? These can be customized for individual and business needs. Get customized decals to show off your unique style.
  • Vehicles – Both businesses and individuals can showcase their individuality through decals on their vehicles. Decals on business vehicles turn your vehicle into an advertisement that helps in building brand personality. Same goes for individuals. Quirky messages on vehicles can show off individual style.
  • Gifts – Decals can also make fun gifts and freebies for friends, customers and visitors.

Of course these are only some of the ways you can use decals. Get creative and flaunt your style. 

Let’s now take a look at the decal materials that you could use.

Types of Decal Materials

Most vinyls used for decals are calendered vinyls. What are some other different options you could consider? Let’s take a  look at some of these. 

  1. Cast Vinyl

Cast Vinyl is one of the most common decal materials. It begins as liquid which is solidified and made into a fabric like consistency through careful and gradual exposure to heat. It is also very thin and flexible which makes it a good option for long term advertising. 

  1. Metallic Vinyl

Metallic vinyl as the name suggests is vinyl but with a metallic sheen to it. This vinyl material looks like metal and comes in gold and silver. You can also get custom colors in this metallic look. Go for metallic vinyl if you want your decal to look more sophisticated. 

  1. Fluorescent Vinyl

Fluorescent vinyl is used to stand out. It comes in bright bold colors. These vinyls are not popularly used, and only in road signs, emergency vehicles and caution signs. Red, pink, yellow, orange and green are the most commonly used colors for fluorescent vinyls. They catch people’s eyes instantly.

  1. ControlTac

ControlTac has an opaque and glossy appearance. It is used for larger decals and can last up to 10 years. You can just leave the decal in its place. This material is designed to let air escape from under it so there are no air bubbles trapped when you are sticking it. The plus point of this decal is that it is easily removable and doesn’t leave behind any adhesive residue. 

  1. Carbon Fiber Vinyl

Carbon fiber vinyl looks like real carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is five times stronger than steel, but is lighter. Although carbon fiber vinyl isn’t the real thing, it reflects light like it is. It is ideal for catchy banners and eye-catching advertisements. 

  1. Iridescent Vinyl

Also known as holographic decals, iridescent decals seem to change colors when you look at them from different angles. You can add that extra chic to your designs with this vinyl. 

  1. Glow in the Dark Vinyl

Who doesn’t know what glow in the dark is? When you shine light on this vinyl in the dark it glows a bright green. It can glow in the dark for upto one hour after being exposed to light for a period of time. The good news is that these vinyls don’t lose their charm for up to five years. They’re multipurpose too! They not only look good but let people see them in the dark. 

There is so much variety in decals that you can spend days trying to find the right one for you. Just go with the flow and enjoy the process.