Types of Hair Loss Treatments in Top SMP Clinics in USA

Posted July 26, 2020 by in Beauty
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The purpose of hair is not just to protect your head from external factors. It actually plays a significant role in building your personality and self-confidence. Healthy, thick, and shiny hair is something that everyone wants. It makes you look attractive and confident.

Due to the fast and unhealthy lifestyle, the disease or genetics, partial or complete baldness occurs in many people. The intensity of follicle decay is not always the same. Some lose hair over the years, while in others, this process happens in a short time. In both cases, hair loss brings stress and loss of self-confidence.

Various treatments can somewhat restore the quality of the follicles and prevent baldness. Methods such as scalp micropigmentation are used to treat baldness differently. As described on https://www.scalpmicropigmentationclinics.com/, it should conceal hairless places on your head. 

The SMP method is also known by great diversity, as it can be applied in solving different types of baldness. People can lose their hair in many ways. Micropigmentation can help, as a stand-alone method, or in combination with other solutions.

Covering Bald Head Parts

Both men and women can have a problem with baldness. This issue is more common in men, due to genetics and the hormone testosterone. In women, complete hair loss is rare. It’s most often associated with diseases of the endocrine system or cancer.

The male type of baldness has a characteristic appearance. The front line of the hair is pulled back, especially from the sides. After a while, the strands start to fall from the crown too. In the end, these two areas connect. The top of the head remains bald, while there are still healthy follicles on the side. For many men, this is the point of no return. Then they usually decide to shave their head completely.

Scalp micropigmentation will not restore lost follicles. But if you find an expert to perform this intervention, the baldness will be a thing of the past. Proper and even filling of places that were once hair roots could completely restore your full-hair look. SMP artists will make it look like a well-done buzz cut.

This method is also applied when complete baldness hasn’t yet occurred. If your hairline is pulled only from the front, you will only need a few treatments to get it back to where it was. Skilled SMP practitioners will do their best to make it look natural (not like wearing a helmet).

hair density

Density Restoration

Some men like to wear buzz cuts (for work or convenience). With short hair, it is easier to spot areas where the hair has started to thin or fall out. When the scalp is visible, it is difficult to style and maintain a cut like this.

With the help of SMP treatment, problematic areas could be filled with pigments in the color of your natural hair. This permanent tattoo will blend with other strands. That will make your hair look thicker and fuller. On this page, check natural ways how to restore your strands and make them stronger.

The pigments used in this method should be of different shades, close to your natural hair color. It will make your scalp look more natural. SMP intervention can be applied to any part of the head. People usually decide to do it on the scalp or above the forehead, where the strands have begun to pull. In the latter case, micropigmentation recreates the natural hairline.

Importance of Repeating Procedure

The results of SMP density fill treatments are visible after a single treatment. Experts usually recommend several interventions before seeing a final result. That should last for, at least, four years. After that, you need to repeat the intervention. 

After several years, the pigments begin to fade so you have to repeat the procedure. The SMP procedure is minimally invasive and completely safe. Professional artists from reputable clinics perform it with certified equipment and natural pigments. It is possible to do this treatment as many times as you want.

Scars Camouflage

Scars on the head can be the result of surgery, some old injury, or hair transplant. This procedure advanced over the years, but the aesthetic problems with scars remained. In most cases, hair usually covers these places. But until the new follicles grow, the scars remain visible. 

Scars can be an aesthetical problem, because, in these places, there are no follicles. That makes them even more noticeable. Whether the scar was formed in childhood or later in life, the SMP treatments can mask it. Pigments used in the micropigmentation procedure can cover the scar to become almost invisible.

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Treating Surgical and Transplant Scars

The SMP method is most often combined with hair transplant. This combination gives even better results and makes the scars less visible. Marks from transplantation are linear in shape. People usually have them on the scalp or just above the forehead. These defects stay after the FUT method.

The scar tissue is not well-circulated. There is a lack of subcutaneous adipose tissue, and the elasticity of the skin in this spot is significantly reduced. ‘Tattooing’ these places creates the impression of short hair. The scars become invisible. Keep in mind that, if you did transplant recently, the SMP treatment could be a bit painful. 

The method of transplanting individual follicles (FUE method) leaves a different type of scars. In places where strands have been removed, most often on the nape of the neck, holes remain. Scalp micropigmentation artists will solve this issue very quickly. If done after FUT procedure, the SMP intervention is not too demanding because the scars themselves are smaller.

Micropigmentation of the scalp is a treatment that caused a real revolution. It has become more sought after than hair transplant. This intervention is not painful, it is effortless to perform, and the results are immediate. What many point out as a great advantage of the SMP technique is costs lower than hair transplant. You just have to find an SMP artist who will approach your problem studiously.