Types Of Shoe Leather – From Popular To Exotic

Posted August 31, 2021 by in Fashion

Fashion is an extremely capricious lady. But there are things in the world of fashion that has attracted and will continue to attract the attention of its connoisseurs to infinity. These things include accessories, Leffler shoe leather, and clothing made of genuine and exotic leather. Each product from it is a hymn to creativity and exclusivity. This is a luxury that will never lose its relevance.

What leather are shoes made of?

Genuine leather shoes, by default, are considered to be of the highest quality. Various animals are used for its manufacture – pork, calf, ostrich, deer, etc.

The cost of products differs depending on what types of material the shoes are made from. So, for example, various budget products are made from inexpensive pork skin, exclusive, soft, and durable veal is used from crocodile leather for the manufacture of branded products.

Each of the varieties has its own characteristics and advantages, based on which they choose the material for sewing a particular pair.

Varieties of leather


Optimal for the manufacture of model products. Distinguished by softness and tenderness, it is susceptible to weather conditions, therefore, shoes made of it require careful wearing.


Cowskin is tough leather, less thick, and less tough than bovine. Has a pleasant natural texture, wear-resistant. It is used for the manufacture of haberdashery goods, outerwear, shoes, and accessories of a moderate price range. Such material is quite durable, but it can be a little harsh, especially if the skin of an already middle-aged animal was used.

Buffalo skin

It is considered one of the thickest and most durable. The high density of this leather makes products made from it almost immune to mechanical damage. True, the process of sewing clothes is too difficult, but things turn out to be strong and durable. These properties have become a prerequisite for the manufacture of the most expensive jackets for motorcyclists from buffalo leather.


Expensive quality products are made from deer leather. The material retains heat well, is wear-resistant and durable. Such shoes are not only exquisitely beautiful but also incredibly comfortable – even in model shoes, you will feel like slippers. Reindeer suede is especially popular in the manufacture of boots and clothing.

Moose leather

Elk leather is also quite soft but has a more porous structure than deer. This material is very delicate, silky to the touch, and products made from it are distinguished by their elegance and durability. Elk leather is used to make suede, from which, in turn, not only jackets and raincoats are sewn, but also other products.


The characteristic pattern of reptile skin gives the products an original look. But the value of such shoes is not only that. The material is very strong, wear-resistant, and durable, so shoes made of it can be classified as premium. Alligator items are especially prized and can cost several thousand dollars. Such products are exclusive options.

Premium products are made of crocodiles, and the most affordable price is from the caiman. Unlike alligators and crocodiles, the latter is quite tough and inferior to them both in aesthetic terms and durability and quality. The advantage of caiman shoes is the attractive cost.

The cost of snakeskin is slightly inferior to crocodiles, but it also belongs to the premium class.

Fish skin

This type of skin, contrary to popular belief, is a fairly durable material. And the skin of certain fish species is several times stronger than many materials. Plastic, soft and dense – its value increases due to rarity, and the skin of fish is on the same level as the skin of reptiles and rare animals.

Types of leather depending on the processing technology

Footwear manufacturers produce products from sanded, embossed, laminated leather, etc. What types of leather are sewn depends on the purpose of the product.


Nubuck is a fine-fleecy material that is tanned during the dressing process and then polished with fine abrasive compounds, for example, sand. Nubuck is similar to suede, but other types of leather are used for its manufacture (most often cattle).


  • breathability;
  • strength.

Thanks to grinding, the surface of the products is velvety and soft. The matte material has the effect of absorbing light and looks expensive and presentable. It is recommended to wear shoes made of natural nubuck in dry weather. If nubuck is impregnated with a special agent, this material is called nubuck oil. Products made from it are more unpretentious to wear and durable.


This is the leather of fat or combined tanning with a fleecy front surface, created from the skins of deer, sheep, elk, wild goats. It is a soft, durable material. Suede shoes look noble and expensive.


  • spectacular appearance;
  • can be combined with any wardrobe elements: from conservative classics to street style;
  • comfort while walking (suede is soft, so it quickly takes the shape of the foot).

It is produced using fat tanning technology. In the process of processing, a smooth front surface is removed from the skins of animals (mainly young calves, deer). Sometimes suede is processed from the inside, sometimes from the front.

The characteristic features of the material are high hygienic properties, increased ductility, and softness. The suede shoes are comfortable to wear and resistant to water penetration.


A variety of abraded leather. For the production of goat skins, Chevrette, calf (calf up to 6 months), outgrowth are used. The material is processed from the inside, therefore, as a rule, animal skins with numerous defects on the front side are used.

The fleecy of velour resembles suede but is inferior in properties to it. Velour shoes are afraid of water and dirt, and their dimensional stability leaves much to be desired.


Produced from calf and goats. The surface of the leather is coated with varnish or polyurethane resins. The result is a very smooth glossy lacquered surface. Shoes made from it require special care and handling. It is not recommended to wear patent leather shoes or boots with a patent top in rainy weather; they are also contraindicated in heat over 25 degrees and freezing temperatures.

Genuine leather shoes are a great option for any season. In addition, it is also an environmentally friendly product, since it contains no chemicals.

In this article, we have listed only the most common types that are in great demand in the global market. There are many more exotic animals whose skin is used in one form or another in the production of clothing and haberdashery. Today, leather clothing is a kind of “must-have” for people who follow fashion trends.