Unconventional Gifts You Can Give Away This Holiday Season

Posted December 21, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Gifts have always been a part of the Christmas tradition. More than being a tradition, they are a way to show your love and appreciation for your loved ones, friends, and colleagues. Not surprisingly, gift shopping is always on top of holiday season checklists. It also takes up a significant part of your festive budget. But the last thing you should do is pick the usual presents like clothing, wines, chocolates, cutlery, and decor items. This holiday season, opt for something unconventional as you follow the holiday spirit of giving.

Here are some ideas to spread smiles with thoughtful and unique gifts:

Custom Neon Sign

Think beyond paintings and decals this Christmas, and surprise your friend or colleague with a custom neon sign for decking up their walls. You can have a special message, a Christmas image, or simply get it personalized with their name. The options are endless as you can pick any color, font, or message according to your preference. Just be creative, and you can impress with the most incredible gif.

custom neon side behind a couch that says Peace, Love, Wine

Name Jewelry

Jewelry is a common Christmas present, but you can make it unconventional by customizing it with the recipient’s name. Name necklaces and rings make a good choice for women, while you can opt for a bracelet for men. You may even look for pieces with multiple names like yourself and your partner. It is easy to get a budget fit by choosing a metal and design for the jewelry pieces.

Hold jewelry laid out on a white table

Leather Journal

If you know someone who loves penning down their thoughts, feelings, and experiences, a leather journal is an ideal gifting option. Even better, explore customizable leather journals to show your effort to impress them. Get it monogrammed with a personalized message, and they will cherish it forever. You can even inspire a loved one to start writing a gratitude journal by presenting them with one.

A Gardening Kit

Like a leather journal, a gardening kit is another gift that can inspire a loved one to practice a new hobby. If the recipient is already an avid gardener, they couldn’t expect a better gift this holiday season. Plants make homes look beautiful and refresh the ambiance.

Pick herbs and floral plants they can grow indoors on a wall shelf in the kitchen or living room if they run short of space. Stick with low-maintenance plants if the recipient runs short of time.

Crop of person planting a snake plant into a terracotta pot

An Inspiring Book

The pandemic times are tough, and it is not easy to keep one’s hopes and spirits up even during festivities. This Christmas, you can do your bit for a loved one by gifting them an inspiring book to rekindle their hopes. You may even help them cultivate a positive habit of reading if they are not into books. For someone who already loves reading, the latest book could be the best gift for the season. 

Finding unconventional gift ideas for your loved ones is easier than you think. Just be a little creative, and you can have the perfect unique gifts this holiday season!