10 Unique at Home Date Ideas your Partner Will Love

Posted May 24, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Finding time for a date night with your lover is a nice way to bond on a budget. It could be as simple ones as choosing to play online games with your partner, watching a movie together and the likes. They will strengthen your relationship, plus you will make some memories together.

So, are you perhaps looking for some fabulous home date night ideas? You are in the right place! Below are some 10 ideas to help you make memories and connect with your partner from the comfort of your home!

Set Up an In-house Spa

Home spa dates can be very romantic and relaxing. Make your own body scrubs and face masks or buy them pre-made, turn on relaxing spa music, dim the lights, throw some fragrance in the air by using essential oils or incense.  Draw a bath for the two of you and drop in a nice smelling body bath. Put on a plush robe, enjoy some refreshing champagne, spa snacks and more importantly enhance the ambience with candles.

You might need some massage oils and fresh towels as well. Be sensual, be gentle and remember to offer a happy ending!

Home Picnic

Why not bring the picnic home if you can’t get out somewhere? You can set it up in your backyard or in your living room. Changing your preferred eating locale can be enough to switch things up sometimes.

Get some grapes, baguette, crackers and any other items you love and spread out a blanket in your backyard or in your living room and you’re good to go.

Setup a Bonfire

A warm bonfire in the backyard or inside next to your fireplace is one of the romantic ways to cozy up to your partner. You can enjoy some nice conversation with your partner by initiating card games that will ignite an exciting conversation. You might feel like there’s nothing new to talk about with your partner especially if you have been together for quite a while. The cards entail asking your partner deep and uncommon questions. There’s a lot to learn about your significant other.

Also, you can pair it with a good book and read together. For best bonfire date night, grab some chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers and make some yummy s’mores.

Movie Night

Plan for an indoors movie night and make it a little more exciting by taking it outdoors instead of just a regular movie night. Introduce your partner to one of your favorites or find a title that you can agree on. You can also try rewatching the first movie you ever saw together as that is a guaranteed heartstring tugger. Serve any available fizzy drinks, pour out a bowl of popcorn, dim the lights, put your phones away and enjoy the cinematic experience.

Game Night

Show your competitive spirit, have some laughs, get out some of your energy and enjoy a classic game night together.  Whether it’s chess, snap, rummy, scrabble, charades or guess who, all those can make a fun night. Additionally, you can play the likes of poker and bingo. If both of you are adventurous types, take risks and gamble on casino and place bets.  Let the loser give the other back e.g. with a body massage. This will go a long way in strengthening your social connection. After all, couples that play together stay together! 

Dinner Candle Lit 

Transform your dining area into a romantic restaurant for two and make the most of what you have by being resourceful. You can order in if near a restaurant or prepare a meal together. Pull out the table cloth and turn on the kind of music you would hear in your favorite restaurant for instance jazz music. Set the table extra special with all the cutlery needed and napkins. Light a candle and don’t forget the dessert and appetizer.

Karaoke Night

Sing your hearts out and find videos with song lyrics on YouTube. Belt out to your favorite jams from high school and college. You can go ahead and spice it up with a dance party and learn some of your favorite movies together. Setup a club experience in your living room and pop a few bottles to get the real night club feel and sing and dance the night away.

Try Out a Yoga Session

Have a sensual yoga session together and roll out the yoga mats. Find yoga workouts online or find an instructional video on YouTube. Challenge your bodies with the different postures and try out a short meditation together afterwards. This will boost your mood and productivity greatly. 

Start a Book Club

Choose a book to read together and pick a date to finish it by and schedule an in person or virtual book club discussion. Talk about the content and characters of your pick. Books are a great form of escapism and help see each other’s intellectual sides.

Get Crafty

Choose some sort of craft or DIY project to work on together during your home date. Getting creative together is a really great activity. Some of the ideas to try are; creating a scrapbook, drawing each other’s portraits, decorating ceramic mugs etc. You can as well do a little home makeover and accomplish together.

Home date nights can be fun even without spending a bundle of money. Spend quality time together and achieve financial success while trying a couple if not all the ideas in this list. Go ahead and build an amazing relationship and still save some money for your future.

*Photos by Elly Fairytale