Unleashing the Beauty of Moissanite: A Buying Guide by Rare Carat

Posted May 5, 2023 by in Fashion

Choosing the perfect gem for the perfect person doesn’t have to be hard! Thanks to Rare Carat, you can shop in confidence. Of course, diamonds and moissanite are large investments. When you study customer reviews for Rare Carat Inc, make sure you note that this business sells both to individuals and to other businesses.

Both sets of clients, on Google Business and on Trustpilot, offer excellent reviews. Your gem investment will be secure and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Now all you have to do is find the perfect stone and setting!

Fresh Settings for a Very Old Stone

Moissanite is an extremely sparkly stone made of silicon carbide. Diamonds are also very sparkly stones made of carbon. While diamonds can be mined from the earth and grown in a lab, moissanite is generally always lab-grown. In nature, moissanite is extremely rare and is found in meteorites as well as upper-crust gem fields.

If you’re looking for a terrific gem for an engagement ring or an eye-catching pair of earrings, consider designing with the Rare Carat princess cut diamond or moissanite stone. The princess cut is a fairly new design created in the 1960s. This sharp-cornered square gem will bounce around a great deal of light, no matter what setting you choose.

Those who prefer a more rounded stone may prefer the cushion cut diamond or moissanite stone. The cushion cut is a variation of the old mine cut and actually comes to us from the 18th century. This softly rounded rectangle features a flat table or top of the gem. The angled sides each include a flat facet to reflect even more light.

Because moissanite is nearly always grown in a lab, you will be delighted at the clarity of this stone. If your budget has room for a larger gem, consider investing in an emerald cut. When shaping and cutting gems for sparkle, jewelers create facets to reflect light. The emerald-cut stone is not terribly rich in facets, but a clear moissanite gem will reflect a great deal of light and the center of the stone will be breathtaking.

Fans of very sparkly gems may choose instead to invest in a moissanite round-cut gem. Round-cut stones are rich in facets and are shaped to throw as much light as possible. With the right setting, you can also surround your round-cut moissanite with smaller stones in a halo shape for even more sparkle.

If you like the cushion cut but want a bit more focus, the Asscher cut is another rounded rectangle with a great deal of light bounce. This cut is a bit more staid than the cushion cut but more interesting than the emerald cut in terms of sparkle. While the Asscher cut is newer than the cushion cut, it is considered to be a more classically shaped stone.

You can also create more unique pieces with oval or oblong stones. Modern designs feature not only the oblong oval and Marquise but turn the stone to run across the width of the finger, rather than down the length. Depending on the hand size and the taste of the wearer, such a design can be quite eye-catching. Thanks to the design options available from Rare Carat, you can create something truly unique for the right person.

Another sparkly cut that would be truly spectacular in moissanite is the teardrop cut. The pear or teardrop cut comes to us from the 1400s and features facets that are sure to draw the eye. This stone features a rounded bottom and a pointed top. The bottom of the stone offers large facets for a lot of light movement, As the stone narrows, the facets shrink, increasing the sparkle offered by this stone. If you love the idea of a moissanite stone because it came from a falling star, then the pear-cut stone may be the best choice for your jewel.

Design With Light in Mind

Once you have the perfect moissanite gem in mind, carefully consider your setting and your metal. You want to put your sparkly moissanite to the best use without creating any visual distractions. Your first step should be to match the jewelry the intended recipient already wears. Unless they already wear yellow or rose gold, try to design your ring in white gold or platinum.

Your Rare Carat moissanite purchase offers you a wonderful chance to create something truly unique. Look for ways to put all the facets of moissanite to work as you design this piece!

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