Unusual Medical Careers That (may) Beat Becoming A Doctor

Posted February 1, 2017 by in Career

For many, becoming a doctor is the pinnacle of success. While the pay and prestige cannot be beaten, we all know that doctors have to deal with a lot of stress, on top of sometimes long hours and unsociable shifts. Add on top of this the time and money required for training and it’s clear being a doctor isn’t as cushy as we all think – or at least certainly not suitable for everyone.

Whether you already have a medical degree or are simply trying to find an easier route into healthcare, it pays to realize that there are hundreds of different jobs out there within the medical profession other than being a doctor. Here are few of the more unusual ones – some of which may appeal to you.


Chiropractors help patients seeking more natural remedies to deal with pains through massages, dietary improvements, exercises and natural medicines. They can be particularly useful when it comes to spine and joint manipulations, where surgery might otherwise be risky or prohibited due to the patient’s own personal or religious beliefs.

You can become a chiropractor by applying to a position at a hospital, joining a private chiropractic/holistic service or by freelancing.


Various staff are needed to handle medical coding and billing. This involves coding items into alphanumerical order through special programming, as a way of organizing medical affairs and billing for insurance. Being involved in this side of medicine requires both knowledge of various medical terms as well as being fairly computer savvy.

Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists can work in a number of areas, but are most known in the medical profession for helping those who have recently developed a disability either mentally or physically. There is a degree of psychology involved needed to help the patient through the emotional stress, but the job also encompasses making plans to improve their lifestyle.

This could involve advising a person who has recently become wheelchair-bound of features that they can add to their home such as ramps and grab bars, or helping a recently blind person adjust to everyday tasks such as pouring drinks and knowing when the cup is full.

Cruise Ship Nurse

Hospitals aren’t the most glamorous locations to work in. Why not take your skills somewhere more exotic – like a cruise ship? Given ships are often away from land and contain large crews of people, having medical staff on board is important. Cruise ship nurses must cater for all kinds of illness and injury and may have to work overnight shifts. However, on days and nights off you do get to absorb all of the ship’s luxuries.


Pathology is the study of diseases and contains a number of roles within. Pathologists may help to diagnose tricky illnesses and find cures. The most well-known variation is the forensic pathologist whose job it is to perform autopsies in order to find out the cause of death.

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