Unusual Things You Can Do in Amsterdam for a Memorable Holiday

Posted October 14, 2022 by in Lifestyle
Amsterdam canal during the day

Amsterdam deserves to be on your bucket list if you love European holidays. It is a diverse and eclectic destination with museums, clubs, canals, cheese shops, and outdoor sports.  Friendly people, delicious food, exciting culture, and lovely weather are other attractions worth seeing. Whether you are a first-time visitor or have been here several times, you can see and do more than you imagine. Amsterdam is full of hidden gems you will not want to miss out on. Let us share a checklist of some unusual things you can do in Amsterdam for a memorable holiday experience. 

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Dine in the dark at CTaste

Dining in the dark can be the most incredible thing to experience. You can put taste on your bucket list to dine in total darkness. The restaurant has visually-impaired staff members to serve food and drinks to guests. Eating without lights lets you focus on your meal and the surroundings as it heightens other senses of taste, smell, and sound. The place has a wow factor, and you will probably never forget the quirky ambiance and delicious food it serves. 

Check out the Ice Bar

After dinner at CTaste, you must definitely check out the Ice Bar, one of the favorite places for locals and visitors alike. The temperature inside the bar never goes above -10°C, and you can taste a variety of ice cocktails here. The popularity of the hangout place can be judged by the fact that you must buy a ticket to get in. But the good thing is that you need not spend a fortune on tickets. You can pay under €20 to buy a package including entry, a cocktail, and two beers.

Visit the Anne Frank House

Think beyond the museums on your next visit to Amsterdam because the Anne Frank house offers a slice of Nazi history. The historic house is the place where Anne and her family hid during WWII. You can tour reconstructed rooms, check artifacts from the original place, and take a close look at the bookcase that conceals the entrance to the secret hiding place of the family. You will be surprised to see the long queues of people waiting to get a glimpse of the house. 

Tour the Red Light District

Another unique experience you must not miss out on in Amsterdam is a visit to the Red Light District in the city. The bizarre shops and displays make it worthwhile even if you do not want to find an escort. The Amsterdam Red Light District is in the center of the city around the Damrak canal. A walk down the street is thrilling as you can check shops, shows, and cannabis stores. Consider visiting the area before late evening, as you need to be more cautious at night.

Experience the thrill of the A’DAM Lookout swing

The A’DAM Lookout swing is the highest in Europe, and it deserves to be on the itinerary when you are in the city. The thrill of soaring over the city is unmatched, and you can see the best view of the city from the top. But it can be scary if you are afraid of heights, so you should be ready before the plunge. However, you can opt for a safer city view from the sky deck if riding the swing does not seem to be at your comfort level. 

Indulge in a cannabis tour

Whether you are a cannabis consumer or only want to know about it, Amsterdam’s cannabis culture is a great thing to explore. In fact, you can indulge in a cannabis tour at one of the coffee shops in the city. You can check the options online beforehand to prepare a list of ones you can visit during your trip. Since cannabis is legal in the city, you can order some goodies, try samples, and even learn to roll a joint.

Tour the Body Worlds Museum

Amsterdam museums have historic offerings, but the Body Worlds Museum is an intriguing place. It features an engaging display of the human anatomy in the form of models and displays. You can learn how the human body works and what makes it so fragile yet resilient. The museum has more than 200 anatomical displays, promising a compelling experience to novices and science enthusiasts alike.

Boat on canal in Amsterdam

Nothing gets better than these unique destinations when you visit Amsterdam, so you must surely put them on your checklist. Besides the usual spots in the city, these are the ones that will make your tour memorable. 

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