Up Your Decor Cred with These 5 Pieces from BRIKA

Posted April 22, 2014 by in Home

How you choose to decorate your home and surroundings can really determine your mindset and well-being. Decor has the power to inspire you, energize you, calm you, and even make you happy or sad.

Putting a bright pillow or throw on your couch can give you great energy, while a pillow or throw in a more muted color can relax and soothe you. If you’re trying to revamp your home in order to create a more positive environment, don’t feel you have to spend a ton of money!

Below are five super rad decor items from BRIKA, a curated online shopping site that celebrates American makers, artisans, and designers. These items will make you look like a design connoisseur without the snoot or price tag.

1. Tribal Cross Pillow

A fun throw pillow like this one is the perfect home accessory to brighten up any room. Each shape is hand-painted, traced and cut by Caitlin Parker, the Maker behind Bright July.



2. Bonita Lucite Tray

Bonita, which means pretty or nice in Spanish and Portuguese, is the perfect name for this pattern. Not only is it feminine and fun, it also has a retro feel that reminds us of that unforgettable wallpaper in our Grandma’s kitchen circa 1978.

Put it on your coffee table or couch side table and display your knick knacks in style!



3. Pink + White 7 Inch Bowl

We can’t decide whether this Wind & Willow bowl is more household item or work of modern art! Use it as a fruit bowl in your kitchen to add some color to your counter tops, or use it as a phone holder in your bedroom.



4. Anything is Possible Print

We can all use a little inspiration now and then! Monorail’s beautiful inspirational quotes are the perfect addition to any room.



5. Pink Ombre Vase

Fresh cut flowers are tops when it comes to instantly brightening up a room, but this Exclusive Carriage Oak Cottage + BRIKA Pink Ombre Vase is a (very) close second. Imagine how beautiful a space would look if they were combined together?



Which decor item is your favorite? Let us know in the comment below!