Update Your Space with These Totally Awesome Pillows

Posted August 14, 2014 by in Home

Don’t think pillows can make your day? Think again. Fashion is a great way to cheer up, but decor and interior design can be even more powerful — both have the ability to brighten your day, and bring you down. But even budget decor havens such as Ikea can break the bank.

So, if your abode has been making you feel blah lately, don’t fret. All you need to add is a pillow! Below are six fun pillows under $45 that have the power to put a smile on your face every morning and night.

We’re serious!

1. Hippie Kitty Pillow

This pillow from Zara Terez will not only make you smile, it’ll make you laugh too! How can you not? It’s a borderline psychedelic pillow with a kitten on it. Aww!

This company doesn’t just stop at cute cats either. You can get a pillow with pizza, unicorns and even emojis on it!

Zara terez pillow


2. Happy Goat Pillow

This Etsy seller has an array of photographs that have been transferred onto pillows. Out of the array of photos, this happy goat image really stuck out.

Don’t you just want to close your eyes and smile like the goat?

goat pillow etsy


3. Leonardo Dicaprio Pillow

Thought you could only wake up next to Leo in your dreams? Nope, this is real girl.

leonardo Dicaprio pillow


4. Beyonce Pillow

Yes, you did wake up like that…

i woke up like this pillow


5. Colorful Pillow

Color makes everyone happy! Right? If brights make you smile, you should consider a pillow from either Crystal Walen or Bianca Green. Both designers know a thing or two about color.



6. Inspirational Pillow

Everyone needs a good vibe or two in the a.m. and right before bed. How about “Get it Girl” or “Work Hard, Stay Humble” for an extra push?

get it girl pillow


Which pillow was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!