Home Renovations: Upgrading A Tacky 70s Style Home

Posted March 11, 2020 by in Decor
70s decor

Sometimes there are homes that have a lot of character but then there are properties that are firmly stuck in the past! If you’ve just moved into a property or you want to renovate your home to bring it more up-to-date but there’s a plethora of 1970s decor standing in between you and your dream home, what can you do to upgrade your home to bring it beyond the 1970s?

Below are a few ways you can update a tacky 70s style home:

Do You Want To Completely Change The Style?

Remember that every home has some sort of character and if the home is somewhat stuck in the 70s and you don’t like it you are firmly within your rights to renovate the space. But sometimes there are components of a property that lends itself well to a quirky aesthetic, and it’s a bit of a shame to completely gut the property if the character is uniquely charming.

If you’ve got an old fashioned brick fireplace it might be easy to see why the property hasn’t been upgraded at all recently. But if you want to keep this intact you could find something else that goes with it but bridges the gap between the 1970s and the present day. There are plenty of ceiling tiles that you can install cheaply which doesn’t just go with the fireplace, but it gives you the opportunity to get rid of any tacky 1970s ceiling styles in the process.

It’s a hard thing to do right but when it comes to renovating a property, it’s a good idea to try and bridge the gap, especially if there are items like an old fireplace that requires a lot of work to knock through. However, you can reduce work stress by learning the best possible process and finding a suitable ally like EWM dumpster rental for handling old materials that need disposal.

Installing Classy Lighting

The 1970s were ubiquitous with fluorescent fixtures! Once you get rid of these and install a few well-placed lights you’ve got a different feel to the space. There are also ways to bring more natural light into the property. If you are living in a house that doesn’t have much natural light coming through the windows you can install shiny surfaces and mirrors to reflect natural light into the property. But you should also think about adding new window treatments which is very cheap and can add some personality and warmth to the property.

Focus On The Floor

If you want to bring the property into the present-day, laminate flooring is a very cheap but durable option. It adds that contemporary sense of style. Adding laminate flooring to the kitchen and the living room, and replacing that ugly carpet can make a massive difference. You should also think about the health implications when you have carpet in the property. If that carpet has been there since the 1970s then you don’t know what sort of mold or bugs are buried within the fibers.

Once you have an idea of how you want to bring your home into the present day there could be aspects you want to leave intact. But you’ve got to remember that when trying to meld something from the 1970s with the present day can make the property look somewhat jumbled. It’s not impossible but you’ve got to pick your battles!