Upgrading Your Home on a Budget

Posted June 20, 2019 by in Home

A home with dull and drab décor can really affect the way you feel about your home. Perhaps you have lived in your home for several years, and haven’t got around to updating it since you first moved in. Or, maybe you have just moved into a new home and inherited the previous owner’s choice of décor.

For those who have lived in their homes for a long while, it becomes the norm to simply put up with an outdated look, without realizing it needs major updates.

The word ‘décor’ spans a wide area. From the walls, the color scheme, furniture choices, carpets, and accessories, these can all be classed as cosmetic updates. Luckily, they don’t always have to cost a lot of money to spruce up, although many people assume they do.

Below are five budget-friendly updates you can get stuck into for your home. Each one won’t break the bank and will assist with transforming your home into a modern and chic abode:

1. Look into Open Shelving

If your home is filled with cabinets and chunky units, it will instantly look old-fashioned. The modern update for these large wooden cabinets is to create a sleek open shelving set up. This involves incorporating shelves onto wall areas and organizing them with books, framed prints, books, and sentimental items.

Kitchen storage idea

2. Update Old Windows

Older homes or country style cottages tend to have windows which have been installed decades ago, which bring a traditional touch to the house. As in-keeping as this might be, old windows can let drafts in and start to wear away (especially if the window frames are wooden) causing damp and mold.

Look to upgrade any old windows by completely replacing them rather than restoring them. You can get timber sash windows which give a classic feel to any older homes, giving you a newer, smarter looking window without taking away any traditional design elements. Have a look on timberwindows-direct.co.uk for some inspiration.

Upgrading Your Home on a Budget

3. Upgrade Your Lampshades

Look around at any old lampshades. You can be surprised at how discolored and dated they can get over time without realizing. Replacing your lampshades is a simple update which doesn’t cost much in the grand scheme of things. Once you start, you may realize other lighting elements around the home are a little dated too.

By replacing old lampshades for more clean, modern styles can instantly transform the look of a room. Look for wider styles in lighter colors, which will diffuse more light around the room. It’s worth investing in stylish floor lamps to, especially in any room corners to give that cozy feel.  

Upgrading Your Home on a Budget // www.brokeandchic.com

4. Create an Accent Wall

If your walls need some serious sprucing up, pick a focus wall in the home to paint an accent color. This always creates a little more atmosphere in a room and is one of the biggest design trends, which never seems to date. You can be a little creative here and choose to wallpaper an accent wall if you like. Some people go for an exposed brick print, to give that urban feel to a home. Others use a subtle neutral, like a fresh gray. Whatever color you go for, just make sure you locate the key walls in the home to create an accent wall.

If you’re unable to paint or use wallpaper (removable or not), you can create an accent wall with art work as well.

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5. Paint Your Furniture

If you feel like your furniture is dulling down your home a little, but you’re not able to buy new pieces, why not turn to paint?

The beauty of painting furniture is that you have the freedom to go for a more neutral theme, with fresh creams or grays, or you could go a little wilder and inject flashes of colors.

The best furniture pieces to focus on include are any sideboards or drawer units, but you could take this through to any wooden chairs. This might even bring you to discovering you have a new hobby – upholstery!

Painted dresser

Remember that, above all, invest in plush fabrics and colors you love, and it can make such a difference. Even if your budget is only small, little amendments to the home can make it feel like a more modern place. It’s all about realizing it’s in need of an update and getting started!