Urban Dwellers: 5 Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle

Posted July 22, 2022 by in Health + Fitness
woman meditating in front of the Manhattan skyline on a cloudy day

Wherever you happen to live in the world, the 21st century lifestyle can be very stressful and if you live in a city and have a 9-5 lifestyle, health is always a concern. Some people lead healthier lives than others, of course, and with that in mind, here are a few tips to make your lifestyle a healthier one.

Woman sitting on bench overlooking the brooklyn bridge in nyc

  1. Take up cycling – Invest in a decent mountain bike and change your life for the better; weekends can be spent exploring local places of interest, while a 15-minute ride every morning gets the body working and an evening ride is relaxing and gives you the chance to inhale some fresh air. You could join a local cycling club and make new friends; cycling has a lot to offer, both physically and socially and you would be surprised at the numbers at a local cycling meet; some groups have more than 100 riders.
  2. Buy a massage chair – Why not enjoy the ultimate in comfort and order a top of the range Johnson massage chair? What’s not to like about having every muscle in your body massaged? The latest generation of massage chairs from Johnson incorporate 4D technology, with many amazing features. When you get home after a long, hard day at the office, kick off your shoes, loosen your tie and enjoy a soothing chair massage; you won’t regret your decision to invest in a massage chair, which is the result of many years of research and with so many options, it takes a while to read and understand the user manual. The best Osaki massage chairs are known for their quality and durability, making them a top choice among customers. You can pick one from the Osaki OS-4000 series, which comes with features like zero gravity positioning and airbag massage technology.
  3. Yoga – A mysterious combination of mind-spirit-body, this far-eastern practice has taken off around the world; all you need is a yoga mat, yoga attire and a few metres of space. YouTube is the best place to start learning about yoga and regardless of your age, adopting specific postures is great for muscle toning. There is a spiritual side to yoga, which is very beneficial, with people reporting an inner sense of contentment and well-being; meditation plays a role in yoga; some mistakenly think that meditation means thinking of nothing, which is actually impossible – to meditate, one focuses on one thing, it might be your breathing, the ticking of a clock and in this state of single-mindedness, a level of contentment is achieved. Click here for more about yoga.
  4. Dietary requirements – Some would say that living in the city makes it hard to find good organic produce, yet small organic farms sell their fresh fruit and vegetables via their website. While eating convenience food every now and then is not going to do you any harm, a diet based on fast food will surely lead to health issues. Make sure you stay hydrated and the motto ‘everything in moderation’ should be at the forefront of your mind when it comes to what you consume.
  5. Connect with nature – Why not spend some time working on your garden? If you live in an apartment, create a balcony garden using pots and if you have a backyard, plant some shrubs, flowers or even vegetables that you can include in your diet.

We should all be thinking about our health & well-being and by making a few lifestyle changes, you will enjoy a healthier way of life.

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