Useful Ideas For Incorporating Catholic Art Decor Into Your House

Posted March 9, 2022 by in Decor
Stained glass at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, Los Angeles.

House art focused on religion can be difficult to work with and integrate into other decorations and features of the home. It is often quite prominent on its own, and you don’t want your house to end up looking like a prayer area, but at the same time, you don’t want to undermine the religious decorations by overpowering them with other pieces in the surroundings.

In this article, we look at some creative ways to incorporate religious art into your home and make it look great.

Watercolor Chaste Heart of St. Joseph

Use a White Background for Pictures

Mother Mary is an important figure for any Christian and just seeing her is calming and soothing. Many of the sculptures of Mother Mary and even pictures may use rather warm colors and bold tones or are completely white and bland. If you want to have Mother Mary in your home, there are plenty of ways to incorporate pictures and statues to make them fit with the rest of the house. A good tactic to use for pictures is to have a plain white background. This will help the colors in the picture to pop out a bit and also maintain that smooth white and spacious feel in that area.

Don’t Overcrowd Decor

Where you place your decorations is just as important as the kind of decoration you choose. Especially if you want to maintain that modern, minimalist look, it helps to have some strategy when placing decorations to ensure you have enough open space between items. The style gurus at House of Joppa suggest that if you are going to use any scriptures of verses let that be the only piece on that table or wall. These are intense bits of knowledge and you want the viewers’ attention to be on that text alone.

If you want to add some decoration for context, place it on an adjacent wall or somewhere else in the room to create a theme for that space rather than putting everything together.

Make it Personal

Chances are that you might have a statue of Mary that you grew up with or any other kind of artifact that you have had for a very long time and have a history with. Intimate pieces like these belong in appropriate locations in your home. Rather than displaying them on the front wall where they are also prone to theft and damage, keep them for your room or some other personal space. If you are decorating your child’s room, add something that you have from your own childhood to give it a unique touch. This is a great way to introduce kids to religion and make it a part of their life.

Madre María Print depicts Our Mother Mary holding a lovely bouquet and a cascading Rosary in her hand. This beautiful piece was created by artist Lu Kalousek.

Unless something is really personal and holds sentimental value, you should not get too attached to your decorations. When you want to completely change the look of the space, it’s a good idea to consider new decorations that will help you achieve the look. Sometimes you might find a decoration that you like, but you don’t feel that it will fit in with all your other stuff. So, stay open to new ideas and be adaptable. There is nothing wrong with having a fresh look and improving the space that you spend most of your time in.