Vacations: How to Choose Where to Go

Posted September 23, 2020 by in Lifestyle
woman drinking out of a coconut

The time has come: your annual vacay. But whether you prefer to go somewhere abroad or whether you prefer to stick closer to home, the decision over where to spend your hard earned time away from the office can be a struggle. 

One thing to cover before we get going, however, is that laws can differ in different parts of the world. Wherever you go, you could end up in certain situations that leave you asking things like is a Misdemeanor a crime? Make sure you know where to turn before something like a misdemeanor, for example, gets in the way of your much anticipated vacation plans. 

City Break or Beach (you usually can’t have both)

Here’s the thing about city breaks and beach breaks. They are both solid options. BUT. If you try to combine the two into some sort of bikini stroll around the centre of town, you’re going to start to wish you’d paid more attention in the planning phase. All too often, people get the two types of getaways mixed up. And, while there are admittedly some places that combine the big city lights with sun, sea, and sand, places that are tailored towards one experience tend to put on a more rounded show of things, meaning you’ll get more enjoyment from a vacation tailored either to the beach or the bricks.  

There are other types of breaks to be had, of course, such as winter skiing breaks in cosy log cabins, daring jungle or savannah safaris, and even scuba trips, but in general, when we think of vacation time, we expect to find sandy toes or city living at the core of the plans. Make your decision wisely. 

Ask Yourself Why You’re Going 

If you have no reason to visit a place other than “it looked nice in the pictures”, you might find that you get bored after day two. There’s nothing wrong with being flexible with your plans, and not every day needs to be a guided tour of your dream destinations, but as the saying goes, only leave your mind open enough to entertain new ideas, and not so open that your brain falls out. 

There’s a trade off here. Ask yourself why you’re going. Have a few reasons in mind. Things you want to do or see. Otherwise, you’ll just be another face in the office who, when asked about your trip, has nothing more to say than “Yeah it was fine, thanks, really good”. Hmm. If you approach your trip with two star expectations, don’t be surprised if you come out of it with reviews to match.  

Last Tip…

Book any excursions ahead of time. As in, before you leave home. This will inspire you to look into the available attractions before you leave, ensuring you are well researched!