Vaginal Health—5 Rules for a Healthy and Normal Vagina

Posted May 15, 2022 by in Health + Fitness
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Vaginal health makes an imperative part of women’s overall health. It can be affected by stress, medications, dietary changes, or even unprotected sex, which can increase yeast protection risk. A healthy vagina is more acidic, contains good bacteria, and has normal vaginal secretions.

 This good bacteria helps fight against bad microorganisms and maintains the vaginal pH level normal, which is 4.5 or less. However, oftentimes the vaginal pH level can be affected by different factors. This article discusses the things you need to keep in mind for maintaining a healthy and normal vagina. 

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Treat Infections As Soon As They Arise 

Vaginal infections, such as yeast infection, Bartholin’s cyst, and bacterial vaginosis, are quite common. While some infections don’t cause many problems and can be self-medicated at home, experts suggest seeking professional help if the symptoms don’t go away. Bacterial vaginosis results from bacterial overgrowth in the vagina, whereas yeast infection is generally a fungal infection. These conditions can be painful, irritating, and can lead to reproductive health problems.

Maintain a Healthy Vaginal pH Level 

A healthy vaginal pH level ranges between 3.8 and 4.5. If you experience symptoms, such as itching, pain, unusual discharge, and burning sensation in the vaginal area, chances are, your vaginal pH level is off balance. This can further be the cause of vaginal infections. It is advised not to take these symptoms lightly and consult a Gynecologist at the earliest. 

Eat Healthy Food 

A healthy diet plays a crucial role when it comes to vaginal health. Following a balanced, nutritious diet and drinking plenty of fluids is important for both vaginal and reproductive health. Experts recommend consuming high-fiber foods like fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts, and whole grains. These foods contain compounds called prebiotics which keep your entire body healthy. Another good option is to take best probiotics for BV

Practice Safe Sex 

Practicing safe sex can help prevent infections such as HIV, genital herpes, sexually transmitted infections, chlamydia, and more. Some of these are even incurable, like HIV. Partners should always have protected sex and should change condoms when switching from anal sex to vaginal sex. This would help prevent harmful bacterias from entering the vagina and hence ensure a healthy vagina. 

Visit Your Gynecologist Regularly 

Did you know women should have their first gynecologic screening exam at the age of 21? 

Regularly visiting your gynecologist is crucial for maintaining your vaginal health, as early screenings can help you detect any infections in your vaginal area. You should visit your doctor at least two times a year. 

Try Natural Lubricants 

Lubrication makes an important part of sexual intercourse. While the vagina produces natural lubricant during female arousal, some women have a dry vagina and do not secrete enough lubricant during sex. This is why women use an artificial lubricant to help reduce friction and enhance sexual pleasure. Experts suggest using natural lubricants, such as aloe vera gel, olive oil, coconut oil, and vaginal moisturizers. You can easily find dozens of vaginal lubricants in a dispensary. 

These are some of the basic tips that you must follow for a healthy vagina. Besides, if you ever feel any symptoms of a vaginal infection, consult your gynecologist at the earliest.