Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas for This Gloomy February

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I love getting my nails done, especially when there is a theme involved. My favorite being Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day nail art is just so much fun and it helps with the winter blues. I’m not a cold weather fan, and even though I live in Los Angeles now, January and February tend to be on the gloomy side. Lots of overcast skies and days filled with rain—definitely not the best combination for my overall mood and well-being. It might sound silly, but being able to look down at my cheerful nails always puts a smile on my face—even on the grayest of days.

If you want to get your nails done this February, below are some Valentine’s Day nail art ideas that are perfect for the this gloomy February:

February nail art inspiration

Chrome Powder Over Hot Pink

I always get compliments when I get the chrome powder effect on my nails. It’s like having nail art without having the added expense. Plus, most nail salons carry it these days. If want to make your nails pop even more, consider adding length by getting Gel-X, which is a healthier alternative to acrylic nails.


Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to splurge on nail art. Consider this fun and simple heart design on light pink nails.

Light pink nails with retro heart design for valentine's day nail art inspiration

If nail extensions aren’t your thing, then consider this fun gel nail look on your natural nails. If your nail salon does not carry heart decals, you can order them on Amazon and bring them in. These heart nail art decals are only $8. Just ask for it to be applied before your gel topcoat.

Heart nail art look are perfect for February date nights.

Valentine's Day nail art inspiration on natural short nails

Abstract Nail Art

Not a fan of the whole Valentine’s Day vibe? Consider some abstract nail art instead. Light pink or hot pink are both great February colors, but if pink just isn’t your thing, any color that will get rid of your winter blues will do. The great thing about this nail art look is that you can do it at home—all you need is white, black, a petite brush, and some nail art foil (which can be found on Amazon).

Light Pink

Light pink gel nails with abstract nail art

Hot Pink

Cath Kidston Inspired Nail Art

I love Cath Kidston floral prints, and I splurged one year to get one of her designs on my nails. I got so many compliments and I have no regrets. I got them for my May birthday, but I think this look also works for February nails—especially if you live in a place that welcomes spring weather early, Like SoCal or Miami.

I hope you liked the nail art inspiration for Valentine’s Day. Share your V-day nail art looks in the comments below!


Amanda Raye

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