Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspiration

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I love Valentine’s Day, and that has been true my entire life. Even as a little kid, going to school on Valentine’s Day was so fun. I remember staying up late with my dad the nights leading up to Valentine’s Day to make and sign cards for every kid in my class so I could pass them out on the big day. For me, Valentine’s Day was never just a “couple’s holiday,” but a day where you could honor all the people you love—my parent’s always gave me a box of chocolates shaped like a heart growing up and I would often gift my friends something small or make them a special card—I’m beyond thrilled that Galentine’s Day is a thing now. Thanks Parks and Recreation!

Most people will disagree with me, but I find the candy conversation hearts delicious. More specifically, the Brach’s Conversation Hearts that come out every February. I can (and have) eaten entire bags in one sitting 😬. The Neco conversation hearts on the other hands? Eww! Gross! Those I do not like. Then there are the colors—I’ve always loved red and pink, and it’s the one time of year I can wear them together without feeling my outfit is “too much.”

If you have a Galentine’s Day party to attend, or your have Valentine’s Day dinner plans, below are a few outfit ideas for you. To shop similar looks, go to the bottom of the article:

Little Black Dress

You can never go wrong with a LBD—especially on Valentine’s Day. Below is a simple velvet black dress that I purchased from SHEIN that I then accessorized with heart earrings and a bold red lip. This look was from a few years ago, so I doubt you can find the exact items, but I have linked some similar looks for you.

Blogger and DJ Amanda Raye Siguenza wearing a Valentine's Day outfit in DTLA and holding red heart balloons.

Blogger and DJ Amanda Raye Siguenza holding red balloons for a Valentine's Day inspired photoshoot

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Leopard Print

Valentine’s Day is a great day to pull out the leopard print looks. Below I’m wearing a fit and flare leopard print skirt from Boohoo. To make it less casual, I pared it with boots, black tights, a black choker, and a black beret.

Blogger and DJ, Amanda Raye Siguenza in a leopard print skirt for a Valentine's Day inspiration outfit article

Blogger and DJ Amanda Raye Siguenza in a black beret and a leopard print skirt for Valentine's Day Outfit inspiration in Los Angeles, California

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Heart Dress

If you’re in the mood to buy a new look for Valentine’s Day, then consider a dress with lots of hearts for some Queen of Hearts vibes. Below is my Valentine’s Day look from 2021. I also linked up some other super cute heart dresses.

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Red Lips

You can never go wrong with a classic red lip. Instead of buying anything new this Valentine’s Day, wear your favorite outfit and add your favorite red lipstick. My personal favorite is Ruby Woo from Mac, but the Infallible Pro Matte Liquid Lipstick from L’Oreal (in Red Affair) is my go-to if any kissing will be involved since there is zero transfer and it lasts for hours (even through eating and drinking).

If you’re new to bold lip colors, the Generation G lip color in Zip from Glossier is a great intro to red.

Valentine's Day outfit inspiration in Los Angeles with a beret and red lipstick

Amanda Raye Siguenza wearing red lipstick for Valentine's Day

Lots of Tulle

I own three tulle dresses, but I rarely have a place to wear them to since they are all long and dramatic. The black one I have was a savior when I got invited to a black tie affair one winter—you can never go wrong with black. But I also have a blue and pink one. The blue one ended up being the perfect look for a 70’s themed wedding I went to, but the pink one? That just sat lonely in my closet for awhile, but it ended up being a perfect Valentine’s Day look. I paired it with tall white boots to make it a bit more casual.

LA blogger and DJ Amanda Raye Siguenza in a pink tulle dress for Valentine's Day outfit inspiration

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Heart Earrings

I typically wear gold hoops year round, but in February, I switch it up to hearts. You can also find heart shaped earrings for less than $10—making them a way more affordable option than buying a new outfit.

Blogger and DJ Amanda Raye Siguenza in a black velvet dress holding red heart balloons for Valentine's Day

Amanda Raye Siguenza in a Valentine's Day photoshoot by photographer Christian Siguenza

I hope this Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspiration post has inspired you to let loose and go all out with your style this Valentine’s Day. You can shop them below:

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