Vancouver Custom Suits and Bespoke Suits with Senator Bespoke

Posted January 7, 2021 by in Fashion

Is there at least one made-to-measure suit in your wardrobe? If not, it’s high time to invest in such as a set of garments, suitable for any occasion. A bespoke suit is not only worn at formal events but at casual gatherings, work, and other semi-formal parties. 

Every man in the market for such apparel should pay close attention to the selection of fabrics, style, and durability of the model. Clients should be open to suggestions and maintain a good relationship with the tailor. 

The following tips will help you get the bespoke suit of your dreams:

Make a Good Choice of Fabric

The inceptive thing to consider when having a custom suit made is the selection of fabric. Materials of superb quality make bespoke apparel stand out from normal outfits. Apart from looking exquisite, this set of garments is supposed to provide comfort and last for ages. Tailors should provide clients with advice when it comes to selecting the right fabric, as it depends on the occasion, local weather, and style of the wearer. 

When looking for a casual style, linen is the best choice of material. Linen measure-to-made suits are lightweight, informal, and breathable. This fabric is perfect for men dwelling in hot climates in need of a casual outfit to wear throughout the day. Anyhow, keep in mind linen is more susceptible to wrinkling when compared to the rest of the fabrics. Read here about the origin and features of linen.

Moreover, cotton is a sought-after material in bespoke tailoring, used in sewing outfits for both formal and informal occasions. Men wearing cotton suits look confident and stylish while feeling comfortable. In terms of comfort, wool is prominent for its warmth, softness, and anti-wrinkle nature. Wool is an ideal choice for men looking for a formal appearance but not giving up on comfort and warmth during cold winter days. 

Clients in search of a luxurious, elegant fabric won’t go wrong by selecting cashmere. Although it resembles wool, cashmere provides remarkable softness. Another luxurious fabric tailors recommend is velvet, perfect for bespoke suits designed for special occasions. Velvet outfits, however, aren’t exactly suitable for casual events.

Have a Conversation with the Tailor

When having a made-to-measure suit made, clients in Vancouver are expected to get to know the tailor and his/her house style. Tailors differ in terms of cut and style, which is considered to be a form of signature. While some tailors are experts in using traditional approaches and methods, others are fond of experimenting with modern styles. 

Men are advised to have a consultation with their tailors before the process of taking measures. These professionals are expected to provide details about their style by sharing details about allowances, cloths, padding, shoulder pads, etc. It’s essential for clients to state their requirements during the consultation so as to avoid unpleasant surprises. Unless your requirements match the approach of the tailor, it’s time to look for another sartor. 

Stick to the Classic

Given the expensiveness of made-to-measure suits, it’s vital for individuals to invest in a classic model, which can be worn for years. Regardless of how stylish the latest fashion trends are, these will be unfashionable in a matter of months. There’s no point in paying thousands of dollars for a bespoke suit if it goes out of fashion in the blink of an eye. The following link,, includes some unspoken rules about wearing a suit. 

Classic outfits, on the other hand, are a timeless investment, as these never go out of style. Models in classic colors such as navy blue, black, light gray, charcoal gray, and dark brown are considered essential for the wardrobe of each man. 

Consider Durability

Tailored suits should provide wearers with durability, mainly depending on the quality of the fabric. Even though most men associate high thread count numbers with longevity, thread count has nothing to do with durability but with comfort. The higher the thread count, the greater the softness of the material. 

In addition, men in Vancouver are recommended to look for a thread count between 110 and 130 for both comfort and longevity. Also, every tailor is expected to provide clients with practical advice about prolonging the life of their garments. For instance, bespoke suits aren’t supposed to be dry-cleaned more than several times per year in order to prevent fading and fabric deterioration. Men should also purchase a sturdy hanger to provide good shoulder support. 

Listen to Expert Advice

Another thing to bear in mind when looking for a made-to-measure outfit is paying close attention to the advice provided by tailors. The extensive experience of these professionals in the field of fashion is what helps them create exquisite models. There are numerous lifestyle brands in Vancouver, such as Senator Bespoke, providing bespoke suits for men and women, made from prestigious fabrics. The tailors sewing custom-made outfits for such brands, use flawless craftsmanship methods. 

Therefore, every client should be open to the expert advice of these professionals, particularly those investing in tailored garments for the first time. Make sure you get all of your questions answered and listen closely to each suggestion. The expertise of tailors is indeed indispensable in the fitting process. 

Custom-made suits are the right choice for making an excellent first impression. Look for comfort, classic style, and durability. 

Expert advice is always welcome!