Vegas Costing Too Much? Here Are Some Cool Ideas for a Budget Hen Do

Posted January 3, 2019 by in Lifestyle

Hen parties can be expensive to host, especially when you’ve already got other wedding expenses lined up. Being the maid of honor, you don’t want to disappoint your bride friend with just a regular hen do, but you may also not have the luxury to spend a bomb of money on a hen do. What do you do in situations like these? There are still ways to save your hen do and throw a memorable one for your friend. Get the bridesmaids and other friends of the bride together and get planning for a memorable hen do, even if you can’t go to Vegas or Paris for it.

House Party and a Sleepover

An epic hen party at home will beat a hen party in Benidorm, Barcelona or even Paris. How? Here’s how.

Get lots and lots of liquor, all the favorite foods of the bride and decorate the entire house with hen party decorations. Also, include some naughty and nice pictures of the bride-to-be. Make it your own club with a disco light, starry lights and a projector screen where you can watch the favorite chick flick of the bride.

Start your hen party by surprising the bride-to-be at the house with a hen party banner. Offer her the drinks and foods you’ve prepared and play some hen do games with her. You can play the music as loud as you want without any limitation and dance for as long as you girls want. You all can then sit down to watch a film and have a cute sleepover for old times’ sake.

A hen party at home has all the elements of a perfect hen do. It has the unlimited supply of alcohol, unrestricted music, food and no stress of having to travel back home or to your hotel because everyone will sleepover at the same place.

All this fun is going to cost you way less than what a destination hen do would cost you without compromising on the fun quotient of the night.

Go Camping

If a house party is too boring for a hen do and you want to still do a hen do outside on a budget, then go for a hen camping. Drive down to a camping site with some food, wine, music and games to celebrate the last night of freedom of the bride-to-be. It’s cheap, it’s beautiful and definitely a memorable and unique hen do.

You girls can stay up all night admiring the starry night and gossiping the night away. It’ll be a mini road trip and adventurous activity which will not require you to spend on air tickets.

Combine a Bridal Shower and a Hen Night

You can throw a bridal shower and a hen night together. Once the bride-to-be is done receiving gifts, the hen gang can get out the wine, cheese and the banners and turn the party into a hen night. It will take the bride by surprise and also save you the cost of having to organize a separate event for the hen do. You can have a theme for the hen night and ask everyone to change into different sets of clothes as per the theme of the night. You all can start drinking and turn up the music for the night, play some hen games and make it into a great surprise hen night.

A Morning Hen Do

How about surprising the bride-to-be in her bed the moment she wakes up? What a sight it would be to wake up to the faces of all your close friends and a bottle of champagne? You can kick start the hen do in the bride’s home with champagne for breakfast. Since no rules apply to a hen night, start the day with champagne and sleep off the hangover at night. You all can spend the day dressing up, gossiping, dancing, eating and having a photoshoot, all in the bride’s home without having to spend too much.

A hen do can be an expensive affair and every bride will understand and appreciate your efforts of throwing her a big or small hen do. What matters is that the bride’s close friends should be there to celebrate her last night of freedom and have lots of fun. If this is the idea behind whatever you do, it won’t matter whether the hen do is under the Eiffel Tower or the roof of her room. So get planning for a hen do with whatever you can afford and just remember to have fun!

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