Vital Skills You Need to Become a Teacher

Posted February 3, 2021 by in Career

Being a teacher is more than just marking books and equipping young children with knowledge, it’s a vocation that takes a great deal of time and effort to perfect. Teaching allows you to have the opportunity to change lives and potentially shape someone’s future. Therefore, you’ll need to be driven and motivated to make the best of your teaching profession.

Before embarking on this career, you may want to find out the crucial skills you’ll need to become a successful teacher. Some may come naturally to you, while others can be learned and developed. Take a look at just a few of them below:

1. Technology

Technology is shaping our lives in every way, but especially in teaching. This has never been more evident than in the recent COVID-19 pandemic which has forced many teachers to carry out virtual lessons and assign work through online platforms. This has encouraged teachers to become more tech-savvy and come up with new solutions of how to integrate technology in the classroom environment when normality resumes to enhance learning and speed up processes.

If you would like to enhance your knowledge in this field, you should consider technology training for teachers

2. Communication

There is certainly a performance aspect of teaching in which you need to communicate information clearly and effectively to a young audience. Each student will have different abilities and methods of learning; therefore, breaking down the topic into certain parts may be the approach to take.

It can often be difficult to hold the attention of a class, so the way in which you express yourself and the manner of delivering information could make the difference between an individual understanding and not understanding the learning objective.

To be a good communicator, you’ll need to polish up your speech and presentation skills.

3. Organization

In teaching, you’ll have a vast number of tasks to complete daily, including lesson planning, marking, and keeping track of student targets. Falling behind on your duties will not only leave you stressed but could also impact the progression of your students. If you don’t consider yourself an organized individual, you can learn key tips and tricks to add structure to your day and keep on top of your responsibilities. 

4. Patience

You’re likely to have a classroom of students from a vast array of cultures and backgrounds with different learning styles and abilities; therefore, you’ll need to have a degree of patience to be able to deal with challenges that arise. Not all students will understand information instantly, so you may need to adapt your teaching style or explain the method several times. 

5. Conflict Resolution

Teachers will regularly be faced with disagreements and arguments in the classroom, which could be as simple as not sharing toys or stationery to dealing with relationship issues as teenagers. An attentive teacher will be able to listen to both sides of the story and help find a resolution to help both parties resolve the dispute

We hope this article has helped inspire you to become a teacher!

*Photos by Max Fischer