Wallet-Friendly Landscaping Tips for People on Tight Budget

Posted September 25, 2019 by in Home
affordable landscaping tips

Do you want to do a makeover for your backyard? There are many types of landscaping ideas for your backyard. It is easy to professionally redesign your backyard. Many professional services can get you this done more cheaply.

Here are some wallet-friendly tips on landscaping for people on a tight budget:

Wallet-Friendly Landscaping Tips for People on Tight Budget

  1. Make a flower bed border

Making this is the cheapest and easiest landscaping idea. You have to arrange a stone edge for where you have your plants and give a nice border with similar looking stones. You can also level up space with the rest of the backyard.

  1. Do vertical gardening

Landscape design in Sydney is seeing the emerging trend of vertical gardening. This is mainly focused on people with very less space. Vertical gardening is a much better way to start if you have restricted space and plan on landscaping on a budget. If you use recycled material, it can get cheaper to install a vertical garden as a part of landscaping. You can have a front porch vertical garden with some terracotta plants, some wires, and a wooden ladder. 

You can also use old paint cans, wash them and fill them with soil and fertilizers for a vertical herb garden. An old picture frame can also be converted into a new space for your plants to grow. Anything from your shoe organizers to using up your wooden fence to create a vertical garden is the cheapest way to make a vertical garden. 

  1. A water feature

You do not have to put in a lot of money to enhance the aesthetics of your backyard. You can make a DIY with some old and rusted teapot and a whiskey barrel to create an installation in the middle of your backyard. 

  1. Go for perennial ground covers

Instead of getting a costly lawn. You can get ground covering perennials which are also dense. This is a better option over weed killers which can be hazardous for your health. Plants like thyme, violets, and pansies are examples for these types of ground covering perennials. 

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  1. Light up at night

One way to make your landscape unique and aesthetically pleasing is by lighting it up. This adds to the overall beauty of your landscape and even helps you to walk around freely after sunset. It increases safety and converts your backyard into a nice hangout place. Creates columns of twinkling or bulbs which draws very less energy. Drape the trees with those charming lights. 

  1. Use mulch

This is the best alternative for your tight budget landscaping idea. You can replace lawn and similar expensive deals with mulch alternatives like pine needles or dried leaves. They can be easily spread and there is no need to maintain it. You can also add stones as an alternative but they need to be done carefully because it does not favor some plants. 

  1. Add color to your backyard

To get a contemporary look to your landscaping idea, you can add some colors. You can repaint the walls, wood, and chairs with some bright colors. This can be added with old and unused tires for hanging over those walls and even keeping a flowering plant over the deck patio or at the entryway. 

  1. Plant trees

The cheapest way to landscape is by planting trees. They give enough shade and that reflects in your surroundings. They can be very helpful if you are patient. A tree needs special attention during its early stages and after that, they never have to be bothered about. Planting fruit trees depending on your climate is also a good option. You can start earning if you have a huge backyard that you are ready to landscape with some trees. 

  1. Create a hangout space

Once you are done with your landscaping, you can go on and add some furniture and a table so that you can sit back and enjoy spending time in your backyard which was earlier useless. This is also great to host an evening party or as a book reading area.