Want to Look Younger? David Pollock Shares His Secrets!

Posted October 25, 2013 by in Beauty

David Pollock is a leader in the beauty industry — he has more than twenty years of experience developing products for some of the most recognized names in the skincare industry and is a driving force behind the “Safe Beauty” movement to eliminate harmful and toxic chemicals from beauty products.

He’s shared with us the secrets to looking younger instantly; no surgery or expensive products necessary. Just a few simple lifestyle changes!


Stand Up Straight…

and be proud! You will appear more confident and look younger. It sounds funny, but here is a trick that really works — practice standing with your arms down to your side. Next, turn your thumbs outward. Your shoulders automatically go back. Practice this, until standing up straight becomes second nature.


Having a good night sleep of 7 to 8 hours gives your body a chance to rejuvenate itself. With the right amount of sleep, you will wake up looking and feeling younger and more refreshed.

Update Your Glasses

As our eyes change and our prescription glasses need changing, so does the style of frames. Updating your current frames creates a more current, up-to-date look.

*Try Warby Parker for stylish yet affordable frames!

Hair Color

While I am not a fan of chemicals, especially those used in hair coloring, I also realize that it is a necessary evil to some. So, I have to admit that coloring your hair to hide the gray is a great way to hide the tell tale signs of aging.

Choose a color that is close to your original color, so it naturally compliments your facial tones. Also, consider high lights or low lights, since they do not require re-doing as often.