Warning Signs That You Are Talking To The Wrong Moving Company

Posted November 2, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Some people cannot contain their excitement as they move in to their new house. But, of course, with the excitement is stress knowing that there are a lot of things they need to do in order to make their move as smooth and easy as possible. 

Yes, there are many movers in Harrisburg PA they can hire, but unfortunately, not all of them are here for some good business. Expect that all of them will claim that they are good with what they do, but not until you hire their service you can confirm if they are really good or not at all. 

Just to lessen the possible disappointments of hiring a wrong moving company, here are signs that should make you run and choose other moving companies:

Red Flags When Choosing A Moving Company

Here are a few signals that the moving company you are currently speaking with will not provide you the service as you expect. 

You Are Being Rushed to Decide

If the moving company is rushing you to decide or seal an agreement with them, better not hire them. Of course, you want to give yourself enough time when choosing the right moving company to hire. There are a lot out there and you want to make sure that you are not deciding wrongfully. 

The moving company should respect your space, they should not rush you too much especially that you want to make sure that they are the best to hire. It is your most precious belongings you are entrusting them, hence rushing is not an option at all. 

They Have a lot of Negative Reviews Online

If the company has a lot of negative reviews online, you might want to step back and know more about them before hiring. Sure, you have to check on the legitimacy of the review as well. Not all reviews are objective, some are subjective while some are not completely true at all. 

But needless to say, if the negative reviews are just overpowering, you have to dig deep or else, you might end up just like the others. 

They Do Not Answer Your Calls Fast

If the moving company does not respond to your inquiries and questions quickly, all the more if you are calling them for complains. Letting you wait on queue for a long time is an indication that they are not serious about providing their customers with good customer service. 

A moving company that gives huge importance to good customer service assures that all questions are answered immediately. Waiting time is not an option as they value all their customers. 

They Offer Service Without Contract

When the moving company works with just verbal agreement, better not choose them. The items you are about to entrust them are highly valuable, if not, they have a sentimental value no money can repay, with this, you have to make sure that all information agreed upon are written in a contract. 

The written contract will serve as your security blanket when something does not go as planned or discussed. Even how trustworthy the moving company is, do not work without a written and signed contract on hand. 

They Want You to Pay Immediately

Expect that some moving companies will ask you to pay a few dollars in advance, but if they are asking for too huge amount immediately, then there is something wrong. 

You must not shell out any amount until everything is set. You do not want to spend your hard earned money to nothing, hence make sure that all the money that will come out from your pocket is for a cause. 

*Photos by Ivan Samkov