Ways to Give Your Loved One a Memorable Funeral on a Budget

Posted December 1, 2022 by in Lifestyle

It is difficult to say goodbye to your loved ones and move on. Death claims us all, but we can always let go elegantly. Arranging a funeral service in memory of that person is the best you can do. 

A funeral doesn’t have to be expensive if you know how to do it right. There are many ways to do it within your means, yet keep it personal and beautiful. Here are a few ways to do it without stepping out of your budget. 

Keeping it Personal

A funeral service can become beautiful and memorable when it is personalised. When we say personalisation, it means adding touches to what the person means to the world. Was it a great teacher who left you, a great humanitarian, or a singer? There are many creative ways to pay tribute to the departed while staying within the budget. 

You can arrange a memory stand, where you can display what was passionate to them, tokens of their service to society or photographs of them with their family, or commemorating the love you hold for them. You can arrange a theme, ask the attendees to wear a particular colour, bring flowers from their garden etc. These things don’t cost much but can mean a lot. 

Saving Money on the Casket or Urn 

The coffin or the urn you choose might take up a considerable share of the funeral costs. However, there are a lot of budget-friendly options that can take this load off of you. 

Coffins and urns are now available in a wide variety of budget-friendly varieties, such as wicker caskets, wood caskets, and even cardboard ones. They are also eco-friendly and are easier to decompose. 

If you are opting for cremation, your funeral service can display an urn with the ashes of your loved one. It is customary to store their mortal remains in a beautiful container. But it does not have to be a highly-priced one. 

You can shop online and look for materials like wood to get a decent funeral urn without the huge price tag. If you’re planning to keep your loved one’s ashes at home, wooden urns are often the most affordable and even preferred, thanks to their warm and natural appearance.

Opting for Direct Burial

When a funeral is performed immediately after someone’s death, it is called direct burial or cremation. It usually takes no more than a day and allows the family to carry out the funeral efficiently and without spending beyond their budget. Most funeral homes Sydney residents rely on will take care of the paperwork, casket, and ceremony for those opting for this process. 

Apart from these ideas, there’s another way of keeping funeral costs down: pre-planned funerals. It can relieve your family and loved ones of the burdens of arranging a funeral when you are gone. Often, the best part of these plans is that you can lock in a price, no matter when the funeral happens. This way, you can beat inflation and still get an elegant funeral. 

Death is inevitable, and so is a funeral. You want it done in the best possible way. These ideas will help you arrange a dignified and meaningful funeral that your budget can afford. 

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