Ways to Naturally Improve Your Mental Health

Posted March 9, 2021 by in Health + Fitness

People spend their whole lives in their heads. Mental health affects both emotions and well-being. It can boost your physical health, or cause psycho-somatic disorders. Your self-esteem, capacity to deal with emotions, and how you deal with everyday difficulties depend on your overall mental state.

Getting professional psychological help is crucial, but there are many ways to improve mental health and well-being naturally at home. You can start practicing mindfulness and physical activity and slowly try other methods, like using broad-spectrum CBD. Making a few small changes every day will pay off in all aspects of your life.

Let’s go over the steps you can take on your journey to improve your mental health and boost your mood:

Write a Diary

Writing down your thoughts when you feel puzzled and distressed helps clear the mind and sort things out. If you lead an active lifestyle, your diary doesn’t have to be a task eating up hours of your time. Instead, try to take 10 minutes every day to get your emotions on paper. It will be perfect for times when you want to spit something out, but you need more time to share it with others.

Later, you can go back in time and see all emotions you dealt with and the obstacles you managed to overcome.

Create a Gratitude List

Many people find it hard to remain naturally optimistic. Their brains like to jump into worst-case scenarios and stress extensively. To help you feel fresh and ready for daily obstacles, make time for creating a gratitude list every morning.

Writing one up is easier than you may think! A gratitude list will let your mind focus on positive aspects of your life and go through your days feeling your best.

Be in the Moment

The recent years, along with the COVID-19 pandemic, brought us many negative and difficult emotions. To let go of the stress, try to be mindful of the present moment. You can transform each small activity like taking a shower, a morning commute, or preparing your favorite meal, into meditation and a moment of self-worth awareness. Pay attention to the smells, tastes, and sounds around you. Focusing on your mental and physical sensations will let you enjoy every small astonishment and bring your mind back if it starts to drift away towards worries and troubles.


A healthy mind and body balance is the foundation of the millennia-old Yin and Yang philosophy. Conventional medicine fully confirms this ancient Chinese scholars’ approach. Research shows that your brain releases mood-boosting endorphins when you exercise, which helps relieve stress, depression, and anxiety. A healthy mind lives in a healthy body, so try to save at least 30 minutes every day for physical health. You can go for a jog or practice yoga. Even something as simple as going for the stairs instead of the elevator will help! Try to do it outdoors as much as you can – fresh air can help you feel fresh, energetic, and ready for new experiences.

Take a Break

With everyone sharing each of their accomplishments on social media, it is easy to feel unproductive. People experience enormous pressure to be effective and prosperous in everything they do. At times when all those expectations feel like too much for your mental health, step away, take a deep breath, and focus on your mental wellness. Read that one book you once bought but never had time to finish, put on a YouTube tutorial and learn new skills, or have a relaxing self-care day with your thoughts. Everyone needs to re-charge their batteries once in a while, so recognize the red flags as soon as they appear.


Many researchers point towards the many redeeming properties of sleep. When you sleep, your mind processes everything from the previous day, all the positive and negative emotions. It also prepares you for what is to come the next morning. Sleep deprivation and insomnia radically increase the risk of mental health problems and depression. To give your mind and body a chance to restore itself, try to go to sleep at regular times and give yourself at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep. In the long- term perspective, getting enough sleep will boost your mood and give you a razor-sharp mind.

Mental Health Is All About Balance

In a world where people seem to care more about profit than mental health, it is hard to stay positive and resilient. Don’t wait for a crisis to prioritize your well-being. Take care of your emotion management and self-worth daily by giving yourself time for contemplation and physical activity. Don’t hesitate to seek professional help when life becomes overwhelming. But don’t rely solely on other people. You are the one in charge of your emotions, even if sometimes it feels the other way.

Improving your mental health is only the beginning. The next step is maintenance. Your mind never stops working, so once your mental health is boosting, don’t slow the pace. Live in the moment, write down your worries and hopes, learn new skills, manage stressful situations, and get enough sleep. Beginnings can be challenging, but once you find your routine, your mental health will flourish in no time.

*Photos by Tim Samuel