Ways to Renovate Your Office Space to Improve Employee Well-Being

Posted July 21, 2020 by in Career
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Working in the right environment plays a big part in the increase of productivity and the well-being of employees. If you’re a business owner that thinks your offices could do with a revamp, or you own a block of offices that need renovation, here are some key areas you will need to focus on to achieve that transformation:

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Health and Safety

You might have some plans in mind for what you’re going to change, but first things first – have a health and safety check! This step is especially essential if you are a property owner looking to renovate an office block. Before any construction work can take place, you will need to make sure there are no dangerous substances (e.g. asbestos, which can be found in older buildings) or structural damage that could put construction workers and others at risk.

Once you have the all-clear, you can proceed with the renovations. 

Let There Be Light

It might not always be possible, but where you can make sure you’re allowing as much natural light into the workspace as possible. Studies have suggested that it can improve people’s mood and help to boost morale in the workplace if there is more natural light, rather than harsh fluorescents overhead.

A lot of modern buildings have large windows or even walls of glass to flood the space with natural light, and you should think about how you can achieve this with your renovations. Dmwindowsolutions.com is a good example of these modern window styles and can offer both residential and commercial services to customers. 

Don’t Bother with Open Plan

In recent years, there has been a trend in open-plan workspaces. In theory, they were supposed to encourage productivity and teamwork, but recent research has suggested that they have had the opposite effect. While there are some benefits to open plan designs, such as reduced construction costs and a bigger sense of space, it hasn’t quite had the effect people had hoped. Employees prefer to have an element of privacy when they work, as open-plan workspaces can often be distracting.

Furthermore, sick leave and absences are thought to be higher in open-plan offices, possibly because germs can spread more easily when everyone is in the same space as each other all day. Despite the popularity in this design, consider moving away from the open-plan trend and bring back a bit more privacy in the workplace. 

Good Interior Design

Many offices have quite a clinical, depressing color scheme and general interior design. Although it is a place to work and focus, don’t make it look too dreary, either. Blue, purple, red and orange are all bright, fun colors, but are also thought to help boost creativity and happiness, which is better for employees.

Combine these positive tones with some plant life to help create a good working environment. 

Of course, finding a good contractor is another key step in renovating offices, but above are some other important points you need to remember if you want to breathe new life into drab workspaces and create a happier, more productive office that businesses will love.