Ways to Style up Your Apartment With Little or No Money

Posted November 4, 2022 by in Decor
style up your apartment with little or no money

A tight budget doesn’t need to be an obstacle to a stylish and comfortable home. Even though high-style, quality pieces cost a lot, it’s not the only way to make your place look better than ever. Furnishing and decorating a new home can seem intimidating, especially with all the prices going up. However, there’s something you should know about styling a home. Style is not about the money, it’s about being creative and making the most out of what you have. But if you lack inspiration at the moment, this guide will be very helpful. Here are some simple ways to style up your apartment with little or no money and make it the coziest place ever. 

Remember that it’s a process

Whenever you see a perfectly styled apartment or one with a lot of details wonderfully put together, remember that such interiors don’t happen overnight. Styling an apartment means putting your life and soul into it, creating a perfect representation of your lifestyle and style preferences. Also, it’s not possible to find all the details in one place and put them together. It’s about collecting items from different stores and thrift shops, travels, and other memorable events. Décor pieces can be anything, so be open-minded about styling up your apartment and give it enough time. It’s a process and the results are worth the wait. 

example how to style up your apartment with little or no money

Visit online and garage sales 

You don’t need to break the bank to get some amazing pieces for your home. Online sales on the Facebook market or Craigslist can be a great source of affordable (and even free) stuff. These items can be great for restyling and other DIY projects, making a unique piece out of something other people don’t need anymore. Yard sales are also an amazing opportunity to spend less on your home. People often organize such sales when downsizing or moving house. You can find true gems this way, without spending a lot of money. However, you should learn how to bargain and make an even better deal. 

Bonus tip: some people will leave items in a good condition beside the trash for someone to take it. They don’t need to sell them or simply have no time, so they decide to leave them next to the nearest trash bin for someone else to find them. There are people who hunt for such pieces and turn them into fabulous bits that they flip and sell or use in their homes. Use your creativity the right way!

Go around local thrift shops 

Thrift stores are not only good for finding vintage clothes. There are some great ones that sell second-hand furniture and vintage pieces that can be an amazing addition to your home. Furthermore, this is a way to be more environmentally friendly when shopping. However, don’t expect to find exactly what you need on your first try. You should visit thrift stores regularly to be able to find amazing pieces on some of these visits. Thrift stores are perfect for finding unique dishes, lamps, glassware, books, decorative baskets, and picture frames – all the small things that make a house a home. For extra affordable deals, check when a local thrift store organizes sales, so you can choose even better discounts. 

a thrift shop
Thrift shop are not for clothes only – you can find some amazing décor pieces as well. 

Remember: sometimes, you’ll stumble upon an amazing piece that needs a makeover, or you currently can’t fit them into your apartment. Teddy Moving and Storage experts recommend you don’t miss out on such opportunities, but take things you really like and put them away in storage. This way you’ll have more time to restore the piece or maybe relocate to a bigger place. Very often you won’t find a similar place again in a thrift shop, so be sure to grab the items you really like. 

Make a statement piece for less 

Expensive, designer items may be out of your budget, but inspiration is free. Use décor magazines or blogs of famous designers to get ideas for DIY projects you can do for less. For example, a large, black-framed mirror may be expensive, but there’s an easy way to make it out of many small black-framed mirrors from Ikea. Hang them to create a huge industrial mirror that will be a perfect statement piece for your living room or bedroom. In the same way, use more expensive pieces as an inspiration for creating items for your own home that can cost way less if you’re creative and resourceful enough. 

Work with what you already have 

Sometimes, we’re way too used to the look of our home that we forget that there’s a way to make it look good with just a couple of small changes. Very often, changing the layout of a room can bring a huge change and make the space look a lot better, but also make it more spacious. Evaluate your space and see if you can rearrange items to make it look bigger and more functional. Also, use items you already have to remodel them to look more attractive. A furniture makeover is quite an inexpensive, yet very powerful way to transform and style up your space. Research some inspiration online, grab some paint and start!

Remember: if you live in a rented apartment, it’s better to makeover things you already have than pile up new items all the time. Using the space wisely will not only make your space look bigger, but also make it easier to move, especially if it’s a last-minute decision. Having a decluttered apartment with essential items is the easiest way to pack and store them in case of a quick relocation. 

woman holding an orange paint roller
Sometimes a fresh coat of paint can change the whole look! 

Have a goal 

Finally, it’s important to know your direction in home décor so you don’t waste any money on pieces that won’t fit or simply don’t go well with the style of your home. Be sure to investigate home décor directions and pick the one you really feel that it suits your lifestyle and your living space. This way, you’ll focus on items that go well with it, and make it easier to style up your apartment with little or no money.