Ways to Use Signage to Enhance Your Home

Posted February 27, 2020 by in Decor
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Decorating trends come and go, but regardless of what is in vogue, one of the fastest ways to brighten up a room is to change the wall hangings. You can hang all kinds of things on your walls and make a radical difference to the way a room looks. For example, the right mirror can add a touch of class and literally light up an otherwise dingy space.

Photos, collages, motifs, work implements, and craft projects can also have a transformative effect. They can be used to set the scene and pull everything together. But, one item people rarely think about using is signs, like the ones that mydoorsign.com sells. This is a shame because as you will see there are many ways you can use them to enhance your home.

The Right Signs Can Make Your Home a Safer Place

The first way we are going to look at is making your house or apartment a safer space to be in. Signs are used for this purpose in all kinds of other places, for example, schools, shops, railway stations, and offices. You will see warning signs in use in all of those places. Yet, we rarely think to use them at all in our home.

As a result, visitors and sometimes family members regularly bang their head on that low lintel when fetching supplies from the basement. Putting up a warning sign would significantly reduce the chances of that type of accident happening. As do slippery surface warning signs. According to the NFSI, around 1 million Americans end up in the hospital after slipping over at home. The right signage can reduce the chances of all kinds of accidents from happening. If you would like to put up a few to keep your family and your visitors safer, this article should help. It reveals the biggest causes of accidents in the home.

Using Signs to Protect Your Home From Outsiders

The right signs can also be used to protect your home from those who would do harm to your family. Beware of the dog, CCTV and neighborhood watch signs have all been shown to put would-be burglars off.

No dumping and anti-vandalism signs can significantly reduce the chances of someone damaging your property. This is especially the case if you live somewhere the police can be called if these signs are ignored or where you are allowed to also use CCTV to film the area around your property.

Signs That Can Make Your Life Easier

Signage can also be used to make your life easier. If you are sick of having to go into the bins and re-sort the recycling because your partner is not good at remembering what goes where, a sign can help. The best sign printers will print out a customized sign onto durable plastic and do so for a very low cost. Or, you could go online and find signs that have a free to use license, like this one, print it off and stick it on the relevant bins. If it works, which it usually will, you can then order a more durable version from your local signage print firm.

As you can see signs have many uses around the home and can be made from numerous materials, such as Plastic Sheets. They can also be used decoratively. But, we will leave those suggestions for another article.