Wedding Planning—Ways to Welcome Your Guests

Posted August 12, 2022 by in Lifestyle

Getting married is a significant and very important moment in every individual’s life. It is something that will greatly transform the life of a person forever. It’s a day when you make promises to your partner that you will abide by and make a vow to stay with them through every thick and thin; quote “Till death do us apart”. 

A moment so special and intimate where you tie knots for life with your special one; just can’t be imagined without your loved ones i.e., family, friends and close relatives by your side. This makes guests an imperative part of every wedding ceremony. 

Solely inviting guests is never enough. Everyone wants their wedding to stand out and be the talk of the town but for this, you need to make sure your guests are utmost satisfied. They must feel truly valued when they show up on your special day.  

We all have experienced weddings quite frequently. If you have a huge family or a wide friend circle, the list of weddings you’ll be attending is endless. Most weddings follow a pattern from which when you deviate, you can ensure a unique wedding.  

One aspect to look at when making the wedding amazing for your guests is welcoming them! As it is widely said, “Well begun is half done.” This quote perfectly represents how impactful the way you welcome your guests is. Intimidated by the thought of welcoming your guests? Fret not, we’ve got you covered! 

Here are a few tips and tricks that will guide you on how to welcome your guests: 

Close-up of a brides bouquet

Get them to be a part of your guestbook

Guest books are memoirs you can carry home with you and preserve over the years.  They keep you reminded of the beautiful day and the people you spent it with. Motivate all your guests to be a part of your guestbook which could be in the form of a globe, wishing tree, signs on surfboards, telephone messages or video messages. 

Since wedding video guestbook offers a great deal of flexibility, is easy to use and actually can film the guests wishing you; they are widely preferred today and fabricated using online tools. They are something you can look back on for years to come. 

Offer refreshing tropical drinks right at their arrival 

Your guests most probably might have travelled quite the distance to reach your wedding venue; especially if it’s a destination wedding.  Nothing like a refreshing drink after a long journey!  Greet them with a splash of fun!  You can offer them popsicles or something that creates a cooling and rejuvenating effect. 

Sign a sweet note

Being the bride and groom, you might not have sufficient time to mingle and converse with each and every guest of yours. You will definitely spend some time with them but can’t give them your complete attention no matter how hard you try. This might leave your guests feeling unimportant. Therefore, you should make an effort to sign them a note. If you plan on a destination wedding, you can have pre-framed notes that are installed in each room and are personalized such that they appeal to the individual guest. Make sure the note is welcoming and addressed to each guest.  

Enlist live music

The easiest way to get your guests involved right when they enter the venue is by playing live music! Get an acoustic guitarist or go with jazz. Music in no time can get your guests involved and bring up their spirits preparing them for the big day! 

Offer them the favour gift right when they arrive 

Favours are the best way to display just how much you value the presence of your guest.  Right upon their arrival, offer the guests an aesthetic and well-packed basket or bag of favours. You can go the extra mile and customize it based on the likes of your invitees. The favour hamper could include chocolate bars, a bottle of wine, snacks to go like fries or burgers, rustic and scented candles, mugs, sleep masks, assorted Greek pastries and the list goes on.  What the favour consists of will depend on the venue of your wedding and theme, if any. You also need to add aesthetic parasols which your guests can carry around to protect them from the sun or get shawls in case it’s a winter night! 

Offer an artistic greeting 

Hire an artist to paint your guests as they enter the wedding! Your guests will be thrilled by the gesture!  They can also carry this painting home and use it as wall art.  

Welcoming your guests can serve as a good initial connection point and pave the way for a warm and comfortable experience throughout the wedding ceremony. You can get a fancy greeter, put up a festive welcome happy hour, set up spa, and drink stations or use any or all of the ideas mentioned above.  They will definitely create an impact. Show your guests just how much you appreciate their presence with the warmest and the most grand welcome, which will leave a long-lasting impression on their minds!