Wedding Planning—what Is worth the Money (and What Isn’t)?

Posted September 29, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Preparing for your wedding can be overwhelming, especially if you want to stay within a strict budget. Then, it is important to know what it is worth spending money on and what is not worth spending money on. If you are struggling to work out how much of your budget you should spend on what, here is a guide to some of the top aspects of your wedding that you should think about pouring a little more money into:


It is important to feel good about yourself at your wedding as this is one of the most important and memorable days of your life. If you do not feel confident in your body, you may constantly be thinking about this rather than staying in the moment. Not only this, but you may associate your wedding with negative emotions for a long time to come and may actively avoid taking photographs to commemorate the occasion- or spend years cringing when you see them.

Then, you should make sure that you have the body that you want before your wedding by investing in Coolsculpting Elite. This fat reduction procedure is perfect for those struggling to lose weight from certain areas of their body and can ensure that you can fit into the dress you want and look and feel great in your own body. 

Contact Lenses

If you have always had poor vision, you will know how frustrating glasses can be, especially if it rains or if they are scratched. Then, before your wedding, you might consider spending out on contact lenses. Not only can contact lenses ensure that you do not have to look around for spectacles that match your wedding dress, but they also mean that you do not have to worry about them throughout the day- or have to carry a cleaning cloth around with you.

In addition to this, if you do not have anti-glare on your glasses, contact lenses are a great option to ensure that your eyes can be seen- and can be your most defining feature- throughout the big day. Then, you should consider making a contact lens appointment with your optician where you can find out whether contact lenses are right for you. You might even consider spending out on laser eye surgery if not. 

The Dress

Although paying out a lot of money for a dress might seem like the ultimate extravagance, your wedding dress is one of the most important garments that you will ever wear. Not only will you have to look at endless pictures of it, but the dress can also help you to look magical and to feel like a princess on your big day. So then, when you are looking for the perfect wedding dress, you should think about the most flattering styles for you and your body shape, and you should consider visiting a bridal shop where you can try on different options and get advice on which option is right for you. 

You should also think about the season that you are getting married within, the current trends, and what you will be most comfortable in throughout the day, as well as the theme or dress code of your wedding. Then, by finding a dress that you love rather than worrying about the cost, you will be ensuring that the dress is worth every penny. 

The Entertainment

You should focus on spending out on your personal appearance and the aspects of your wedding that will help you get the party started. Although many people think that it is okay to skimp on the entertainment, the quality of the entertainment is important if you want to get everybody onto the dance floor and having the times of their lives before long. Then, you should look around for your ideal entertainment options. 

One of the best ways to do this is to get recommendations for local entertainers and DJs through word of mouth and from other people who have recently had weddings. If you have to use the internet to search for entertainment, you should make sure that you read a lot of trusted reviews first to make sure that your wedding goes without a hitch.

The Honeymoon

While your wedding only lasts for a single day, your honeymoon can be enjoyed for a week or two at a time and is likely the aspect of the first days of your marriage that you will remember the most. Your honeymoon is one of the only times you will get with your partner in a married life where you can be completely carefree and focus on your relationship and yourself. Then, you should go all out for your honeymoon. 

You should research the most romantic destinations in the world, look for 4 and 5-star accommodation with honeymoon suites or resorts that can offer newlyweds special extras, and consider ticking off some bucket list activities, such as riding in a hot air balloon or a helicopter. You should also consider looking at your fine dining options and even whether booking a first-class flight will be worth the additional cost.

Hawaii is a wonderful destination to plan a wedding or honeymoon. Especially since there are many honeymoon packages available (so you don’t have to do all the planning yourself). You can also take advantage of the flower bath services, which are of the highest standard. From romantic beaches to luxury hotels, has something for every couple. They help make your special occasion unforgettable and proudly offer high quality products and services for your hotel, apartment or home. There are many ways to make your wedding or honeymoon memorable. The first step is deciding what type of event you want.

Your Venue

Although you might think that it does not matter where you get married as long as you are together, if you want the occasion to feel special, then your wedding venue is important. You also need to make sure that you have a venue that is large enough for your number of guests, that it is easily reachable for all of your guests, that it is not too far away from your home, and that can accommodate your needs in terms of catering and even entertainment. Then, you should consider looking around for venues, from hotels to castles to a sand beach, to find one that speaks to you and that you can imagine you and your partner tying the knot in.

*Photos by Trung Nguyen