What Are the Benefits of Santal Aroma Oil?

Posted January 11, 2022 by in Lifestyle

Are you looking for a new type of oil to incorporate into your aromatherapy practice? Aromatherapy is a great technique for inducing rest and relaxation, and with the right oil, you can take your therapy sessions to another level. 

One of the best oils to use during aromatherapy is santal aroma oil. Santal oil is extracted from the woods and roots of Santalum album, also known as the East Indian sandalwood tree. (Santal aroma oil is also often referred to as sandalwood oil.)

Read on to learn about the benefits of santal aroma oil:

Help With Inflammation and Wound Healing 

Scientists from Ruhr-Universität Bochum in Germany found that our skin cells contain olfactory receptors for sandalwood. When the receptors are activated by sandalwood, there’s a promotion of skin cell growth. 

Additionally, santal aroma oil may have anti-inflammatory effects, as it alters cell signaling in the body. Some evidence suggests that santal aroma oil may decrease inflammation in those suffering from skin disorders like psoriasis or atopic dermatitis. 

Calming and Relaxing Properties 

Sandalwood helps calm your mind and body, and it can help you enter a meditative state. Some even find that the aroma helps them deal with anxiety or anxious feelings. 

One study looked at a group of women undergoing breast biopsy and found that sandalwood, lavender, and orange peppermint aromatherapy helped reduce their anxiety levels. Another study conducted in Vienna, Austria, had participants inhale sandalwood and lavender oil. They found that participants’ cortisol and blood pressure levels were lower after inhalation. 

Amazing Scents 

One of the main reasons sandalwood makes such a great essential oil is because it smells amazing. Sandalwood has a deep, woody scent, and it often smells like a mixture of balsamic, floral, and sweet and soft accents. 

What’s more, there are many different blends of sandalwood with different scent undertones and benefits. For example, some blends of sandalwood have a spicier scent, while others have a sweet, floral scent. 

Acts as a Sedative 

Another great thing about sandalwood oil is that it can act as a sedative, making it an excellent option for those who suffer from insomnia. The sedative effects can also help ease migraines and headaches. 

You can add some sandalwood oil to a warm bath to help you unwind before bedtime. 

How to Choose Santal Aroma Oil 

Santal aroma oil contains free alcohols known as santalol. These alcohols are responsible for the scent and effects of the sandalwood.

For a product to meet the international standard of authentic sandalwood, it needs to have at least 90% free alcohol, so look for this on the label. Santal – AromaTech is an example of an authentic santal oil. 

Santal Aroma Oil: Time to Shop 

Now that you know about the benefits of santal aroma oil, it’s time to make your purchase. Soon, you’ll be able to experience firsthand just how effective this oil can be. 

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