What Are the Best Ways to Save Money in College?

Posted August 24, 2019 by in Lifestyle
ways to save money in college

Did you know that student loan debt currently stands at about $1.5 trillion in the USA? Education and student life can be expensive and seemingly the expenses never end. However, for those who are willing to think before they spend, there are some smart ways to save money. 

Want to know ways to save money in college in 2019? Check out our ultimate guide below:

ways to save money in college

Avoid Buying Brand New Textbooks

Over the course of a 4-5 year education, you may be expected to shell out a great sum of money for your course text-books. Some studies have shown that students spend up to $1,200 per year on books. 

This is completely unnecessary. Books can be purchased at a significantly reduced price once they have passed through the hands of one user. Simply browse here to see the range and difference in price. 

It is true that many are moving to electronic/paperless solutions. In some cases, this may provide savings. However, since there is no such thing as a second-hand electronic textbook, there is little incentive for sellers to drop the price. 

Take Advantage of Student Discounts

Student discounts can get you discounts in more places than you may realize. You may be aware of discounts at stores, restaurants, museums, and movie theaters.

However, did you know that students can score themselves a 6-month trial on Amazon Prime? Even half price membership following the trial? It is also a good idea to just ask a company if they offer any discounts for student. You may be happily surprised by the answer!

Finish Your Degree Early

A bachelor’s degree can take you up to 6 years to complete. The average student at a public college paid an estimated $4,140 in net tuition and fees alone in 2017-2018. Students in private educational institutions paid significantly more. Of course, this is only tuition. Accommodation and other living costs will more than double this figure. 

Arranging your life to finish your education in three to four years rather than six will give you the same end result, but with huge savings.

Shop Around for Accommodation and Food

Does your campus have a meal plan? While it may seem convenient to have your food on-site, campus meals are often not the cheapest option. If it is not obligatory, see if you can avoid them and plan your own meals. 

In fact, being willing to live independently off-campus and even a little distance from the school is a good way to save extra cash. While you may need to add 10-15 minutes to your journey each day, you can save substantially, especially over a 4-year educational course. 

Leave the Car at Home

Bringing your car to school might seem like the ultimate independence. However, you might want to consider the alternative. You may not only have to pay to park your vehicle, but you may miss out on student discounts.

Many schools include transport costs in their tuition and fees. Bringing a car means you may end up paying for your transport twice. 

If you are looking for ways to save money in college, you are not alone. Millions of students are looking to do the same. They want to save cents so that they can afford to look and feel good — not just pay bills.

If this describes you, then we are here to help. We get the latest and best guidance from authoritative sources to help you make wise money choices. If you would like to spend less but look good, why not check out more of our posts?