What are the Best Ways to Save Money on Your Home Expenditure?

Posted August 14, 2019 by in Home
What are the Best Ways to Save Money on Your Home Expenditure?

Being a homeowner can be expensive, with a large number of monthly costs from energy bills to council tax. Therefore, many homeowners are looking for simple ways to reduce the amount of money that they are spending on their monthly rates and fixed bills. However, there are many home renovations and schemes that you can perform that will eventually reduce the cost of your household bills, and this article will explain further how you can invest in these:

Hire an Electrician

Faulty wiring, a particular problem in older houses or those which have not been renovated for some years, can increase the amount that you are spending on your energy bills due to its inefficiency. Rewiring your home has a number of benefits, including your safety, reduced risk of fire, and lower electricity bills. To make sure that your home’s wiring is as efficient as possible, you should have your electrics inspected at least every 10 years, especially if the house has recently changed ownership. Before you move into a home, you should request that information is provided as to when the last inspection was and the state of the home’s electrics. 

To rewire your home, you should search online for “electricians near me”, to find someone who will have professional knowledge of the safest ways to rewire your home, and who can install efficient electrics in your house that can reduce your monthly bills. 

Consider Additions to Water Heaters

Your water heater controls the temperature of the water that you are using, and so any inefficiency can increase your energy bills. To make sure that your water heater is efficient and has the least waste as possible, you should install heat traps onto your water heater to ensure that no heat escapes. You should also consider replacing your water heater for a more efficient option. 

These include demand-based heaters that only use the amount of energy that you need, solar heaters, which use residential solar panels to harness the sun’s energy to create environmentally friendly heat, and indirect water heaters, which use your home’s space heating system to heat your water. Although this may prevent you from having a ready supply of water, all of these are much more efficient than your conventional heater as they either use as little electricity as possible or only utilize the amount of energy that you need. 

Change Your Windows and Doors

To cut down on the amount of money that you are spending on your electricity and heating bills, repairing or replacing your windows and doors are some of the best steps that you can take. Especially in older houses, windows and doors may be incredibly prone to draughts, which can allow your house to become colder and the warm air from your heating systems to escape. However, by replacing these features, warm air will be trapped in your home, meaning that it can stay warmer for longer, leaving you with a reduced need for electricity. When changing your windows and doors, you should look for triple and double glazing options, as these will help your house to become air sealed and ensure that it is running on its maximum efficiency. 

Use LED Lightbulbs and Timers

Although incandescent lightbulbs are still popular, if you are looking for a cheaper way to cut down on your energy bills on an immediate basis, using LED lightbulbs and installing timers are some of the best ways to do this. CFLs and LED lightbulbs are four times more efficient than their alternatives, meaning that you will be using much less electricity for the same amount of lighting. Not only this, but it is important when considering electricity bills that you remember to turn off all of your lights whenever you leave the room or are not using them. If this is something which you often forget, you should think about installing options such as timers, which turn your electricity off at certain times of the day. This automates the process so that lights are never left on when they are not needed. 

Household bills can drastically limit the amount of money that you have to spend on other necessities, and even enjoyment, each month. If you cannot afford the initial costs of installing any of the home improvements mentioned above, you should consider other options such as switching your energy supplier through using comparison services and checking to see whether you are in the right band for council tax. By performing these activities, your household will soon be able to save on their monthly costs in the future.