What Does It Mean to Be a Female Electrician Today?

Posted August 7, 2020 by in Career
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Did you know that only 2.4 percent of electricians in the U.S. are women? That number seems pretty slim, but don’t let it discourage you. 

If you’re interested in becoming a female electrician but are curious about the demands of the profession, you’ve come to the right place. It can be a bit intimidating because of the dominance of male electricians, but you can absolutely make it shine as a female electrician!

Here is a quick and basic walkthrough of what you can expect when it comes to being a female electrician:


First of all, you begin with the education aspect of the profession. Every job starts with some aspect of learning and the process of becoming an electrician is no different regardless of gender. Generally, electricians start with an apprenticeship.

There are different guidelines for acquiring an electrician apprenticeship based on where you are and the abilities you contain. Some electrician jobs will also require different kinds of degrees. 

For example, a master electrician that fixes a lighting problem in your home is a lot different from the master electrician that hangs and focuses lights for a play in a theatre. Each will require a different set of learned skills. 


In the same vein, as a female electrician, you’ll be able to find a lot of different opportunities based on the type of electrical services you want to offer.  

If you want to be a lighting designer in a theater for plays and musicals, you’ll be navigating a world of jobs that contrast to other kinds of electrical work. Mainly, what you’ll want to focus on is standing out. 

Because women in the electrical world only make up 2.4 percent of workers, people will be conditioned to believe that men are the only ones that can really do the job. When you find the opportunity to challenge this mindset, take it. 


And when you take the opportunity, it’s important to demonstrate that you can deliver. It’s already a feat to help represent the small number of strong women that do electrical work. 

Being a part of that demographic might induce some kind of pressure to do better than men and, in a sense, “prove” your worth in your profession. While striving for perfection is important in work, know that your accomplishments are not defined by comparing yourself to the accomplishments of the opposite sex. 

Instead, your accomplishments are defined by your success as an individual and your progression of successful jobs. The fact that you can do it all as a woman brings your chair to the table and invites you to have a seat. 

Light up the World as a Female Electrician

Electrical work being a male-dominated industry does not mean that women are not capable of doing it. It just means that a societal standard has been set up for women to take down!

If you’re interested in doing so because you want to become a female electrician at an electric company, now you’ve got a simple rundown of what it takes. Be strong, bold, and excited for what’s next. 

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