What Flower Represents Motherhood?

Posted November 29, 2022 by in Lifestyle

Every day is good to tell your mother how much you love her, but there is one day a year that you cannot forget, Mother’s Day.

Do you remember the crafts and gifts that you used to make at school to give to your mother on the first Sunday in May? Do you remember the emotion on her face when she received them? Well, there is a perfect way to get your mother excited again on Mother’s Day. 

Give her a beautiful bouquet of flowers and you will see how all the memories and emotions of childhood emerge in you again. But what is the perfect flower for your mother? There are flowers that, due to their meaning, are perfect to give to mothers. Kremp tells you about mother’s day flowers.

What Is The flower For Mother’s Day?

Choosing the flowers you want to give your mother is very personal. It depends a lot on her tastes and your personal history, your experiences and affinities. However, there are a series of flowers that perfectly represent motherhood, love for mothers and infinite gratitude towards that person who has taken care of you growing up happily. These are their names:

Lilies, Femininity And Motherhood

The lily is the flower with a mother meaning par excellence, especially in white (symbolize purity) or pink (symbolize goodness), so it is not uncommon to find them in a beautiful bridal bouquet or to give to mothers. In addition, you can combine its colors in a beautiful multicolored bouquet, since each one of them symbolizes a different virtue.

Roses, A Safe Value

The queens of flowers are a sure value. Your mother will appreciate the soft smell of it and the unique beauty of it. Roses have their own language and often express sincere feelings. In white or red, yellow or orange and of course, pink roses… create bouquets to her liking and combine colors wisely to reach her heart.

Carnations, Joy And Character

The carnation is ideal for that cheerful mother with a jovial character who is always by your side to give you good advice. Thank your mother for her vitality, those complicit and healthy laughs that you have shared and that you will always continue to share with a bouquet of beautiful carnations.

Daisies, Discreet And Spring

Cheerful and discreet, daisies are the first flowers of spring and the ones that you have surely drawn for your mom at some time. You don’t have to pluck them to know if your mom loves you. Surely she receives them with a big smile of love.

Peonies, Protection And Delicacy

Her petals wrap around the flower in a maternal gesture of protection. Then they open to reveal all their beauty and the peace they radiate. A bouquet of beautiful white or pink peonies are ideal to thank a mother who has always been there for you.

Hydrangeas, Childhood Memories

Hydrangea plants are also perfect for Mother’s Day gifts. A hydrangea evokes those unique moments of your childhood with your mother. In addition, its abundant flowers will make the garden or home where you put them very welcoming.

Orchids, Elegant And Soft

The orchid flower represents the mother, it means love that lasts over time and also calm and stability. Reminds you of someone? Give a tender and sweet white orchid, or a pink orchid full of color and joy. Your mother will know how to take care of this plant as she has always done with you since you were a baby.

Dipladenias, For A Fighting Mother

Dipladenia is a vining plant that grows and makes life more beautiful, whether in the garden or indoors. A tenacious fighter, like your mother, who has known how to get the best of you at any time. Convey him all your admiration!

Give Mother’s Flowers with Kremp

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