What Goes into Reinventing Your Look?

Posted November 8, 2021 by in Fashion

Everybody has their own style. It’s usually influenced by the music we listen to, the celebrities we follow on social media, the clothes we like and the kind of brands we endorse with our money. But have you ever felt that your look, your style, your trademarks, are getting a bit stale? You’re not the only one. Many of us want to reinvent ourselves by creating a totally new look, something that we have never tried before. This takes time and you have to be accurate. No point in taking a stab in the dark if you’re going to revert back to what you know because you don’t feel comfortable in your new skin.

So what are the things you should consider when you want to reinvent your look? We’re going to cover short-term changes and long-term changes you can do.

Why Are You Changing?

The big question is, why do you want to change? Many of us have reasons for changing our looks that aren’t our own. It could be that you are being pressured by your peers. It may be that you simply don’t feel confident in your clothes because you have gained or lost weight. It might just be that you don’t like the colors of your outfits. There could be any number of reasons but you must have reasons that will power you through this change. 

We think it’s a good idea to write down the reasons you want to change your look. Then you can go down the list and see if they are internal reasons or external. An external reason would be that you don’t feel confident walking into a room full of strangers. An internal reason would be that you want to wear clothes that more suit your personality. And that’s the thing, your personality will develop and grow so it makes sense that your wardrobe and fashion sense does too.

Long-Term Change or Short-Term?

Reinventing yourself is something that many people do. Tons of celebrities have to do this because if they become static, they become part of the furniture and we just overlook them. So the question is, do you want to have long-term change or short-term change? If you want a long-term change it could be that you want to have certain things removed or taken away. If you have tattoos, you could be thinking about removing them. But does tattoo removal leave scars? Yes it will leave lifelong scars but would you rather have scars that will eventually heal up to a point they aren’t visible from afar, or keep the tattoos you don’t like on your skin?  

A short-term change is easy enough. If you don’t like the current set of outfits you have, just remove them from your wardrobe so you’re less likely to throw them out. If you think you will eventually wear an item from your old bag of things again, then just put the clothes in the loft or something until you are ready for them again. 

Read Up On Style

If you want to reinvent your look but you just don’t know where to begin, read up on the latest fashion trends. There are several magazines you can read, such as Elle, Vogue and GQ. However, you will see many mainstream reinventions of brands, people and organizations. So you will not just learn about how you can change your look, but what the philosophy behind these feelings of needing to look different. 

Many times it’s because we want to move into a look that we always wanted to but never had the confidence. So it could be that you are feeling more confident in yourself. Could this be because you have been working out and look better in the mirror? Could it be that you have stopped caring what other people think? 

Go Out There

The next thing you need to do is to actually try out new outfits. You can’t really do this by online shopping. You have to see it in person, touch the material and really consider what looks good on you. Online shopping hasn’t evolved to the point that we can try on clothes virtually. So plan a day where you will go to multiple clothing stores that suit your style and try on different items.

It’s good to bring along a friend if you want someone else’s advice you trust. Take pictures of the items you try on as you may find that in the moment you were in a different mood but when you have time to reflect, you do think that that skirt or shirt looks good on you. 

It’s going to be fun but you shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that you are trying to change your look. It’s not about what you should wear on a night out tonight, or what you would look good in for the weekend. This is a change and not a romp in the hay with your new look. 

Don’t Be Limited By Budget

If you don’t have the funds you need to change your look right now, don’t worry. This can be like a project, whereby you take it week by week, making small improvements towards your goal. It may take time but in a few weeks or months, you will finally be able to feel comfortable in your new skin. So many people want to change their look, prefer to save on a holiday than a wardrobe change and then give up on it. It’s okay to take it slow, just as long as you stay committed to it weekly. 

Why are you changing your look? Reinventing who you are and how you look is a giant task. It’s not something that comes easy for most people. It’s one thing to make a short-term change and another for a long-term change. But each has its place in your newfound look, confidence and personality.