What Have We Learned About Ourselves During Lockdown?

Posted October 3, 2020 by in Lifestyle
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This year has certainly been a tough one. Due to the global pandemic, our working and personal lives have changed significantly, and we’re still doing our best to adapt.

It’s not all negative though, as lockdown has provided a lot of us with the time to focus on ourselves. So, just what have we learned?

What Have We Learned About Ourselves During Lockdown?

We’re Not Scared to Try New Hobbies

In fact, they’re making us a lot more positive. Being stuck inside for months had a negative impact on many people’s mental health, and because of this, Public Health England recommended taking up a hobby or learning something new.

From gardening to knitting, many of us have plucked up the courage to do something we have never done before, which has helped keep us distracted and motivated during this time.

There Are Lots of Fitness Tools at Our Fingertips

In the spring, gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts struggled with the news that the gyms would have to close. However, with free daily home workouts from the likes of Joe Wicks and Alice Liveing over lockdown, everyone with access to the internet has had the opportunity to get up and get moving.

Joe Wicks – AKA The Body Coach – encouraged kids and parents alike to stay active, and as a result now boasts over 2.5 million happy followers on his YouTube channel.

We Love Baking and Cooking

Who knew that we’d all suddenly find a passion for baking bread during lockdown? Throughout this uncertain period, we have all experienced a lack of control over our lives, and experts have suggested that baking not only helps us to regain a bit of that control, but it also helps to take our mind off things, too.

We Value Stability More

There’s nothing wrong with having dreams and aspirations in life. Before the pandemic, though, most of us were guilty of putting our priorities in the wrong place. Crucially, we have learned that it’s better to have modest luxuries but a comfortable life rather than trying to keep up an image. 

This is particularly important when looking at major life decisions like finding a home. If you are planning to move or buy your first home, using a basic loan calculator is vital. Nobody wants to fall behind on their repayments, especially when job security is lower than usual due to the pandemic. A stable lifestyle is truly the best solution.

The pursuit of stability should extend to friendships and habits too. When you feel that your life is under control, your overall state of mind will greatly improve.

We Need to Put Our Happiness First 

When lockdown first began, a UK-wide poll surveyed 2,000 people and found that 23% were already feeling the negative effects on their relationship. 36% said they were arguing more, and 42% stated that they found their partner irritating.

During this already unsettling period, we’ve had time to consider what is and isn’t making us happy – and perhaps for the first time, having the confidence to put ourselves first. 

Another way in which we have been looking after ourselves is by signing up for professional or personal development. After carefully considering their financial options during this time, a huge number of people across the country have enrolled in a new online course to better their skills.

What have you learned about yourself during lockdown?