What Is a Certified Life Coach and How Do You Become One?

Posted September 16, 2020 by in Career
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It’s estimated that human beings make as many as 35,000 choices per day.

Not every decision we make is a life-changing one. For those that do have that potential, coaching is a growing industry helping people navigate their choices.

But What is a Certified Life Coach?

A certified life coach is someone who has a knack for helping people, especially in navigating professional and personal issues. If helping people is something you excel at, then you might consider becoming a life coach.

You’ll learn all of that and more in this guide to becoming a life coach.

What Is a Certified Life Coach?

A certified life coach is a wellness professional. They work with clients on professional and personal issues from relationships to careers and everyday life.

A coach starts by analyzing the situation their client is working through. They identify the obstacles facing their client and then design a strategy to help them achieve the outcome they desire. The strategy utilizes the strengths of the client so that the change they create is long-lasting.

Who Needs Life Coaching?

In 2016, the coaching industry was worth over $1 billion. Meaning that a lot of Americans are using coaches to help them navigate big decisions and transitions.

The range of people that use life coaches is large. Entrepreneurs, C-level executives, business leaders, professionals, homemakers, actors, and creatives could all benefit from life coaching at some point in their career or personal life.

Below are some reasons people seek life coaching:

  • Lack of fulfillment in work, relationship, or social life
  • Feelings of dissatisfaction in work, relationship, or social life
  • Inability to end habits that are hurting or hindering progress
  • A lot of stress or anxiety
  • Lack of creativity

There are many people that struggle with where they are and where they want to be. A life coach helps those people devise a strategy to fill that gap.

How to Become a Life Coach

If you have a background in counseling, nursing, or working with people in general, then you might be a good fit as a personal coach. But this type of background isn’t necessary to becoming a life coach.

Life coaches come from a range of different backgrounds but they all have one thing in common: personal experience and a passion for helping other people. Of course, it’s beneficial to have a niche in which you excel. For example, if you have a background in business management, helping other managers and executives could be your niche.

And while coaching is a non-regulated industry that doesn’t require a license or degree, most life coaches go through a process of training before entering the field. These life coach certification programs will help you develop the skills you need to start a successful practice. 

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What is a certified life coach? Someone who is passionate about helping people achieve their dreams. But, more than that, it’s someone with life experience in a given niche, who’s completed specific training to be able to help those people successfully.

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