What is a Trade School and Why Should You Consider Going to One?

Posted September 9, 2019 by in Career
what is a trade school

When you’re looking at your education options, it’s hard to see anything other than debt. There are some colleges that cost $73,000 a year to attend. Multiply that by four and you’re looking at a mountain of student loan debt. It makes you wonder what the alternatives in education are. The costs of colleges aren’t going to go down anytime soon.

Going to a trade school can offer an alternative without the massive amount of debt when you graduate. What is a trade school? Read on to discover what a trade school is and how it can help you jump into a new career:

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What is a Trade School?

It’s where you go to get training for a specific job. When you graduate, you’re fully employable in that field of work. How does that compare with college? College gives you a broader education that covers more areas. For example, you may be a political science major, but you still have to take calculus or astronomy to graduate.

With a trade school, you’re fully focused on classes that are relevant to your job. That cuts the fluff and keeps you focused on your new career.

You can go into a wide variety of careers with a degree from a trade school. You can become a web developer, medical assistant, physical therapist assistant, electrician, or a mechanic. Only Trade Schools can be great consideration in this regard.

Reasons to Attend Trade School

There’s been a stigma around trade schools for years. People typically looked down on them as blue-collar jobs that went nowhere. They thought that going to a four-year program was the only way to build a career.

The truth is that trade schools have a lot to offer, and when compared to going to college, there are a lot of more benefits to going to trade school. Read on to learn about the reasons why you’d want to go to trade school.

#1 Join the Workforce Faster

How would you like to go to school for only nine months or two years instead of four years? That’s what trade schools do.

The reason why is because they’re focused on preparing you for a specific occupation. There are no classes like underwater basket weaving that you need to take in order to graduate.

The amount of time that it takes to finish trade school depends on the program and whether you are part-time or full-time. The fact that it can take such a short amount of time to start a new career is very appealing.

#2 Get On-the-Job Experience

When you go to a trade school, you’re getting on the job training. For example, if you’re training to be a mechanic, you’ll actually be working on cars. You’re using and applying the skills that you’ve learned in the classroom.

In traditional colleges, you’re sitting in lectures most of the time. That’s giving you information, but you don’t have a way to apply that knowledge. The only way to do that is through an internship at a firm in your area.

#3 Money, Money, Money

Let’s talk about money. You know how expensive and almost out of reach a college education has become. Even if you go to college and use student loans to finance your education, you’re going to graduate with a lot of debt.

Trade schools take less time and they cost less to attend. That’s mostly due to the focused nature of trade schools.

When you graduate from a trade school, you are ready to work. You can go to school at this great campus, graduate and enter the workforce right away. The amount of money that you make will depend on the field of work.

#4 Jobs are in Demand

There’s nothing worse than majoring in philosophy to discover that there’s not a job market for such degrees.

On the other hand, the careers that trade schools specialize in are in demand. They also pay well. Some of these jobs start out at $55,000 a year.

If you talk to any hiring manager in the trades like construction, they’ll be the first to say that it’s hard to find quality help. The trades have been ignored for about 25 years as people went to college and high schools were forced to cut their budgets.

It’s not just the skilled trades that are in demand. Medical assistants are due to increase by 29% before 2026. With that kind of growth, having a degree in that field is sure to guarantee a job right out of school.

#5 You Want to Change Your Career

One other reason to attend trade school is to change your career. Maybe you’re stuck in an office job that you can’t stand. You could be drawn to having a job that can give you a little more flexibility.

If you want to make a significant change, going to a trade school is a great way to do it. You get the education in a small amount of time. You’re also well prepared to make the leap into a new job.

With a trade school, you’re cutting down on the amount of time it takes to get a degree, you’re also ready to get to work after graduation. You’re making more money with less debt. 

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