What is Being a Sensualist Person and How It Can Affect Your Sexual Life?

Posted October 27, 2020 by in Lifestyle

Many of you may wonder what a sensual person is. Or if you can become one to spice up your sex life? You can find similar things online on this topic. Still, we can help sum it up perfectly so you can enhance your sexual lifestyle by being more aware of sensuality between partners. 

There is definitely something in it for you being a sensualist to help spice up your love life with your partner, so keep on reading this article.

Who is a Sensualist? 

You can say that sensualists are the people who are highly aware of their senses. A person who explores sensuality enjoys desire and pleasure while learning from touches and feelings. To put it more simply, you can say that they revel in giving in to their senses to satisfy themselves and others.

They like sensuality and the experience of pleasing sensations. And finding pleasure in what their body feels with using the five senses makes them a sensualist person. 

Tantra is A Sensual Activity:

what is tantra? To answer this question, you can say that tantra or tantric sex between partners helps achieve a sensual and satisfying sexual experience. It is basically a slow, meditative form of sexual play where the result doesn’t have to be an orgasm but having fun playing in the sensations on different parts of your body. 

Therefore it is an excellent way for the partners who want to build up their relationship or spark their sexual intimacy. Tantric sex encourages to use of all of the five senses by being mindful and in the moment of having sexual activity. 

How Can You Use Sensuality in Your Sex Life:

It is seen as a significant act of foreplay between partners. Sensual touches can be pleasurable and a great way to bond, relax, and have fun with your partner.

 You can try out new things with your partner to help you relax, receive affection, and build up the intimacy that has been lacking. 

Sensualists like to build up arousal in a slow manner. They love stimulating touch, sight, smell, sound, and taste and get easily turned on.


The most classic way to bond is by being cuddly with your partner. Whether you are a big spoon or small spoon, both of you can feel much closer and deeply aware of each other while having cuddling sessions. 

Explore Your Bodies:

When you are lying down with your partner, try to touch them in different parts to make them feel good and pleasured. Do this to each other and discover pleasurable places on your bodies.

Try Different Sensations:

Items present at your home with different temperatures and textures are always a great way to have a sensual play with your partner. Touch them with various items on the body to make each other feel good.

To up intimacy to the next level, you can blindfold your partner and apply new objects to their skin. This will make them focus on the sensations completely. 

Sensual touches can lead to a fulfilling sexual experience and greater intimacy if done right. But don’t forget to take a breath once in a while as it helps to focus and tune back in on one’s body.

You can try out these techniques with your partner for a more enjoyable experience in bed.