What Is The Best Type Of Hair Extension?

Posted September 7, 2021 by in Beauty
Woman with Blond Hair Extensions

With a wide variety of hair extensions available, it can get challenging to find the one that meets your hair transformation goal. Who doesn’t want fuller and irresistible hair? Natural hair extensions have proven to be an ideal solution for many people but finding the right one can be tricky.

When it comes to adding something to your natural hair, you must ensure you are going for high-quality products. Otherwise, you will end up with messy and tangled hair. Moreover, you also want to ensure the extensions you pick look natural.

If you are unsure where to start, you should consider a few factors to find the right type of hair extension. Read on:

Fuller Hair with Hair Extensions

Look for Quality

The most important thing to factor in when looking for the best hair extension is the quality. This can make or break the hair goals you want to achieve. Choosing the cheaper options means lower quality, which means the hair extensions won’t last much longer.

If you want to improve the quality of your hair and are looking for extensions for long-term use, you must invest in authentic and high-quality extensions. There are multiple varieties available, including clip-ins, nano bead, and weft hair extensions. 

Moreover, for the best possible results, always go to an experienced hairstylist to get the extensions. They will also help you in styling the hair in a way that makes the extension look natural.

Decide The Right Length

Hair extensions come in varying lengths so that you can add as little or as much to your hair to accomplish the look you want. If you are looking for a shorter hairstyle, avoid buying longer hair extensions and vice versa.

If you are looking to add more length, then also consider your existing haircut and check if the hair extension will suit the hair cut you currently have? If you have straighter and thinner hair, then the extensions might get visible. Therefore, go with the right hair extension for thinner hair and consider getting a hair cut that would help blend the hair extensions with your natural hair.

Consider the Texture

The texture of the hair extension should be one of the most important things you should consider to find the best type of hair extension for your locks. The goal should be to find the extensions that are similar to the texture of your hair so that they can naturally blend in.

Choosing the wrong texture means your hair might end up looking unnatural and messy no matter how much effort you put in styling it. Therefore, examine the texture of your hair and compare it with the texture of the hair extensions to find the right one.

Consider the Cost

Cost is another major thing that could help you find the best hair extension. The prices vary depending on the size, type, and quality of the extensions. Be sure to take your time to explore your options. Make sure that you only go to authentic and reputed stores and stylists to purchase them, as they can have an impact on your natural hair.

Keep in mind that synthetic extensions are more affordable, but real extensions give a more natural look to your locks. Longer hair extensions come with a higher price tag than shorter one. Be sure to determine what you are looking for to find the best price and quality.

Choose the Hair Extension Type

There is a wide range of hair extensions that you can purchase in numerous lengths and colors. Slip-in extensions are easy to use and provide an ideal temporary option. Glue-in extensions are long-lasting and are less likely to slip since an adhesive is used. Sew-in extensions are more versatile and allow you to experiment with hairstyles without damage.

Weft extensions are mixed with natural hair to give a more natural look since they are blended with your natural hair. Nano bead extensions are ideal for thin hair as they use microbeads to attach to your natural hair.

The right type of extension would depend on what you hope to achieve and whether you are looking for a short-term or longer-term solution.

Consider Your Lifestyle

This might not seem like a significant factor, but it actually plays an important part. Consider your usual routine. Do you spend most of your time outdoors or in an office? Do you frequently engage in physical activities, like swimming or strength training?

These are the things you need to think about to find the ideal type of hair extension. Clip-in hair extensions might be best if you work out regularly. Taped extensions are better if you love to frequently change hair color.

Determine how the hair extensions would impact your daily routine to find the best ones. You can always consult an experienced hairstylist to help you out with the decision.

Hair Maintenance

The type of hair extension you select would come with its own set of maintenance methods. The best hair extension for you is the one you can easily maintain to ensure it not only looks good but also lasts longer. The washing requirement for hair extensions can be different, and the frequency of using chemical products might also vary.

Maintaining extensions also means you need a good quality conditioner and shampoo free from parabens and sulphates.

Hair extensions are certainly a fantastic addition to your natural locks. They enhance the appearance and density of your hair and allows you the freedom to experiment with different hairstyles.

Hair extensions are versatile, making them ideal for styling your locks however you want without experiencing any commitment issues. With a few extensions, you can drastically transform the color, volume, and length of your locks.

However, not all hair extensions would work for your hair. Finding the right hair extension is the key. These factors will help you in choosing the hair extensions that work well for you. Make sure you purchase them from a reputed company to ensure their quality. Click here to browse through a wide range of hair extensions and begin your hair transformation.