What Is the Cause of Hair Loss in Men and Is There Any Chance of Re-growth?

Posted October 17, 2019 by in Health + Fitness
What Is the Cause of Hair Loss in Men and Is There Any Chance of Re-growth?

If you think your hairline is receding each time you look in the mirror, you’re not alone. Many men experience male pattern baldness. In fact, 50% of men over the age of 50 will be affected by male pattern baldness. Why? It’s usually genetic and there isn’t much you can do to prevent it, but genetics aren’t the only reason:

Hereditary Qualities 

Male example hair sparseness – you may hear it called androgenetic alopecia – is activated by the qualities you got from your ancestors. Precisely how it is acquired isn’t clear, yet it tends to keep running in families. If you have a parent, grandparent, or sibling who has it, then you will most likely develop it as well. Some men may even experience hair loss as teenagers.

Therapeutic Issues 

Transitory balding can be an indication of a restorative issue, similar to iron deficiency or thyroid issues. An eating routine low in protein and iron can really affect your hair. 

Male pattern baldness could be a reaction of specific medications you take for: 

  • Malignancy 
  • Joint pain 
  • Depression
  • Hypertension 
  • Heart issues 

Radiation treatment or chemotherapy can cause far reaching male pattern baldness, yet ordinarily your hair will grow back with time, when the treatments end. 

Stress or Shock 

Unexpected or drastic weight loss, an extreme physical stun, medical procedure, or even fever and this season’s cold virus can bring male pattern baldness.


Things like ringworm can create flakiness on the scalp and uncovered spots. The hair more often than not grows back after treatment. You really need to take care of your scalp just as much as your hair. But how? You can get the answer on Allaboutthegloss.com

Your Immune System 

In the event that you have unexpected male pattern baldness that leaves round bare spots about the size of a quarter in different places on your head, you may have a hereditary condition called alopecia areata. It regularly starts in adolescence. You’re bound to have it if a close relative has it. 

Your body’s very own resistant framework assaults your hair follicles, making little follicles of hair drop out. It’s an auto-immune issue, so it’s not an infection, nor is it infectious. 

And the Re-growth is Possible

With telogen exhaust, it is normal for hair to grow back within 3-6 months after you have addressed some of the things above or have completed a treatment. Some of the time, the pace of shedding backs off however doesn’t stop totally. You must Click here to learn more.