What is the Enneagram System of Personality?

Posted March 9, 2022 by in Career

So, you’ve heard of Myers-Briggs, astrology, and other personality systems. But have you heard of the Enneagram System? It could radically change the way you view yourself and how you handle emotions. 

Here, we’ll tell you everything you should know about this system and why you should take this personality assessment:

Behind the Enneagram System of Personality

The Enneagram is a personality system that characterizes how people manage their emotions as well as view and interpret the world. The system has nine personality types, and each of these types is mapped on a nine-point diagram. This diagram demonstrates how each type relates to the others.

The name Enneagram itself derives from the Greek language. Ennea translates to the word nine, and Gramma translates to something written or drawn. There are many tests online to discover which Enneagram personality type you are, but what do these types mean? 

What the Enneagram Says About You

Each of the nine Enneagram personality types are defined by a specific core belief about the way the world works. According to the Enneagram, your core belief drives your deepest fears and motivations and ultimately shapes how you view the world. It also molds your perspective on how you see other people around you, too.

Why The Enneagram System

When you understand your own Enneagram type and how it illustrates your perceptions, it allows you to approach situations more effectively and broaden your perspectives. You’ll gain a better understanding of your:

The personality system has also been found to help people understand how to react to stress. By grasping how each personality type responds and adapts to stressful situations, the Enneagram system provides personal growth and development opportunities and allows others to begin to understand, too.

For example, people who identify with the 6w5 Enneagram type, also known as the Guardian or the Defender, react to stressful situations by projecting their feelings onto others. People who identify with the 6w7 Enneagram type, also known as the Confidant, tend to deflect their feelings and make jokes to avert their stress.

And when you understand someone else’s Enneagram type, it helps you to comprehend why that person behaves the way that they do. Essentially, each type has its own set of core beliefs. These beliefs motivate them to choose the actions they take and the decisions they make. For example, if you feel someone’s behavior is contradictory or confusing, simply understanding their Enneagram type can help explain their behavior and here comes the empathy and it becomes important to know how you absorb emotion of other people. Enneagram System of Personality an Empath test go hand in hand. There is an empath test to how intuitive you are. You can take this test anytime and anywhere. One must try this the most accurate empath test.

How the Enneagram System Works

As each individual grows from childhood to maturity, their fears and motives will become constrained by one of the nine personality types of the Enneagram symbol (a nine-pointed geometric shape with an outside circle, on which the nine personality types (points) are evenly spaced and numbered clockwise). 

Your biological factors mainly determine your basic Enneagram type. However, environmental influences that you come into contact with when growing up (i.e, parental relationships, family dynamics, friend relationships) can also impact your type. 

A number system is used to label each personality type from this information. And due to it being a horizontal system, all the numbers are equal. But while the general thought is that people cannot change from one Enneagram personality type to another, there is room for individuals to relate to more than one type. 

Most people who use the Enneagram personality system seek to deepen their self-knowledge and develop their personalities. Essentially, it helps people to analyze their own personal makeup, understand why they make the decisions they make, and how they can improve their communication.

Many counselors, therapists, educators, and businesses use this system as it helps them to identify development opportunities in each type. So, why not find out your Enneagram type so you can understand yourself more?

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