What is the Most Suitable Shower for your Bathroom

Posted February 8, 2021 by in Decor/ Lifestyle

Surprisingly, it’s not at all simple to choose the right shower for your bathroom unlike other fixtures that you only have to consider if it works, if it’s affordable, if it suits the overall design of the room, and such. Choosing a suitable shower requires you to understand your water system. You may get overwhelmed by this since it’s something you don’t get to learn every day when you don’t work in the plumbing industry, but worry not, as we’ll help you through the process of understanding it:

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Different Types of Water Systems

Water systems play a vital role in choosing the right type of shower for your bathroom, which is why you need to learn the different kinds of water systems. Here is an overview of the water systems there is:

Gravity System

Gravity systems are standard in old homes. They have hot water cylinders and cold water tanks. The cold water tank is located at the loft while you can find the hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard. This system is low-pressure, and the distance your water needs to travel from the tank to your bathroom’s showerhead also influences your water pressure. The greater the distance is, the greater the pressure should be. If you experience weak water pressure, you can install booster pumps to enhance it.

Showers that can be used in gravity systems include electric showers, thermostatic mixer shower, and digital showers. The most advisable type of shower for this system is the electric shower since it can give you an extra pressure boost.

Combination (Combi) Boiler

This type of water system is one of the most common types these days. You can mostly see them in modern homes. In this type of system, cold water gets heated and pumped to travel through your house on demand.

When you have the combination boiler as your water system, you don’t have to worry about choosing a shower as digital showers, thermostatic mixer showers, and electric showers all work fine with this water system.

Unvented Water System

Unvented water systems have both cold water and hot water main supplies. When the water needs to be heated, the cold water will flow into the hot water storage tanks where it gets heated and then stored under pressure. This type of water system Is known to have a high-pressured and powerful flow for showers. You won’t need any booster pumps to improve it. 

The most advised shower types for the unvented water systems are the digital and thermostatic mixer showers.

With different water systems, there are also other types of showers, and some of the most common types of showers have already been mentioned above. Thermostatic mixer showers are one of the safest and most popular types of a shower as they keep your water temperature consistent even when other people are flushing toilets or using the tap.

On the other hand, electric showers are known to be the most economical. Using a heating element installed inside your shower unit, they get to heat water on demand efficiently. However, the most convenient type of shower is the digital showers where you get the most control of your shower.

They’re a popular choice these days, especially in modern bathrooms. You can check out these types of showers at Victoria Plum to know more about their cost and the possible designs.