What Is the Proper Etiquette When Playing Golf?

Posted March 10, 2023 by in Lifestyle

While maintaining your swing and improving your putting game are both crucial aspects of golf, so is golf etiquette. If you are a beginner at golf then it helps to learn what behavior should be expected of you. From being punctual to being quiet and knowing where to walk, you can soon be behaving like a pro golfer. For some more tips on how to improve your game, visit Better Golf Online

Universal Golf Etiquette

Some behaviors are considered universal and are well worth paying attention to. For instance, the player with the lowest score on the hole before will tee off first on the next one. After those initial shots, the player who is furthest from the hole will go next and that’s even on the green. While waiting for the others to line up their putts, it would be expected that you mark your ball on the green.  

Keep Your Cool

Golf is a game for relatively gentle souls so keep your cool and do not show displays of frustration. Even if you are having the worst round, you should not yell, scream, or throw around your clubs as that can be considered dangerous. Be patient too and give enough time for the group ahead of you to move on. Even if there is the slightest chance that you may hit other players, wait a bit longer to ensure their safety and yell ‘Fore’. 

Avoiding Slow Play

Beginners should show up early but be allowed to play at their own speed and that may mean making way for a quicker group. It should be expected to walk between shots at a patient, reasonable pace which could mean planning your shots on the approach. Study the wind, check the lie, then get out your club and play your shot. The time between picking your club and hitting your slot should be no longer than between 30 and 45 seconds. 

When On The Green

The green can be seen as the sacred ground for golfers so make sure you display the correct etiquette. That includes refraining from stepping on the imaginary line of your other players’ putting lines that connects the ball to the hole. Allow your fellow players to fully focus on their shot and stand out of their line of sight so they can concentrate on their shot and the green. The green should be quiet so have your mobile phone off and do not make a single noise while another player is getting ready to attempt a putt.

Leave The Course As You Found It

Make sure that you replace every divot on the course to keep it in good condition for the players to come. Try kicking it back into place or use some seed/soil mixture to fill in each divot. For the sand bunkers, use a rake to make sure that the sand looks like it did before you attempted your shot. Even those slight indentations caused by the ball hitting the green should be repaired using a repair tool or a knife.  

At The End Of Your Round

No matter the score, at the end of your round you should shake the hands of all your fellow players. Make sure that you congratulate the winners and console whoever lost while thanking them for their company. Try to ensure you keep your golf buddies close but make new friends on each round too if you can.


Other parts of golf etiquette may not come up very often but are worth remembering. For instance, you have three minutes to find your ball from a shot or you have to declare it lost and play the provisional ball and endure a one-stroke penalty. However, if you find your original ball after playing the provisional ball then you must pick up the provisional ball and play with your original. Also, should you hit your tee shot into the woods and think of it as lost then you can play a provisional, second ball. 

Woman with braids playing golf

Some of the most basic and important aspects of golf etiquette begin before you arrive to hit your first shot. You should be wearing appropriate footwear, shorts that are not too short or too long, and a collared shirt that is tucked in. Remember that you cannot show up simply wearing what you want, including jeans, and you may have to hire some equipment if you have forgotten it. A few other pieces of etiquette make sense during your round including fixing your ball marks and replacing divots.

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