What Jobs Do Roofers Illawarra, NSW Do?

Posted November 25, 2021 by in Career

Roofers make and take care of roofs. They use and install materials like clay and cement and repair damaged parts to ensure the protection of the building. Roofers may have expertise in industrial and residential roofing. Roofers Illawarra, NSW are licensed professionals, like the popular Rekote Roofing Australia who build roofs using various hand tools and equipment. Read on to know more about the roles and responsibilities of a roofer. 

What Do Roofers Do?

Roofers build and repair roofs utilizing hand tools and different equipment, for example, scaffolds. They make sure roofs are waterproof and stable. They construct and install insulation systems and vapor barriers too.

Roofers responsibilities include:

  • Repairing and constructing roofs.
  • Selecting wood shingles, tiles 

And various necessary roofing materials.

  • Make sure roofing projects are completed on time.

What Skills Do You Require To Be A Roofer?

It depends on the location and scope of the project. Roofers can either hold a relevant roofing liçense or apprenticeship or can be a personal contractor. Many people learn the job onsite with specific training from experts. Job duties of a roofer may include understanding and in-depth knowledge of tactics and materials needed for preparing a roof.

Stamina and balance are also required for the roofer’s job as they often work at different sites and heights. In addition, they operate various equipment and machinery. As a result, roofers are experts in multitasking and detail-oriented. 

Ensure to add these skills as requirements and modify them according to your needs as you create your roofer job description.

Job Brief

We require a skillful roofer to join the team. You are expected to build safe and durable roofs and repair damaged parts, like broken shingles. In addition, you should be able to install the materials inadequate order and set up the systems, for example, vapor barriers and insulation.

You need to have the ability to use handheld equipment and tools like roofing hatchets, shingle cutters, and scaffolds and stand on ladders for extended hours at a time. In addition, you should know how to handle the materials like asphalt and wood for various roofing tasks and systems.


  • Constructing roofs using different kinds of tools and materials.
  • Deliver projects within a specified time.
  • Inspect and evaluate damages and give an estimation of Labor.
  • Replace or repair broken materials.
  • Clean and clear debris from roofs to keep materials.
  • Smoothen the surface of the roofs and fill in gaps appropriately with ceilings.
  • Make sure roofs safeguard buildings from different weather conditions like rain or snow.
  • Utilize hand tools and different equipment such as ladder and scaffold.
  • Follow safety rules
  • Make arrangements for vents and vapor barriers.
  • Install solar energy systems and insulation.
  • Keep stock of roofing materials like cement and clay.


  • Overall construction experience as a roofer or similar role.
  • Excellent carpentry skills
  • Having knowledge and hands-on experience using different equipment and hand tools, for example, scaffolds considering proper safety measures.
  • Physically fit and strong
  • Have the capacity to work at heights for a long time.
  • A license or an apprenticeship in roofing work is an advantage.

Roofers build and maintain the most crucial part of the buildings. Durable and robust roofs assure safety. Roofing work is specialized work that needs patience, skill, and techniques and, above all, a physically fit roofer.