What Makes a Sand Free Towel a Great Buy?

Posted June 4, 2021 by in Lifestyle

The sand free towel is a unique type of beach towel that has a finely constructed weave that doesn’t allow sand, grime, and dirt to pass through. Since these layers are spaced, sand can only go down and not back up. And because it’s composed of 100 percent high-quality polyester, it’s incredibly pleasant to feel. The majority of towels are either dry fast or are highly absorbent. Higher thread counts are softer to the touch, but they are also knitted more closely together, retaining water for longer periods.

The sand free towel offers double the air-surface exposure thanks to the multiple-layer technology, making it twice as quick to dry. Its broad profile makes it ideal for use as a beachside blanket, and it folds down to a compact enough dimension to be extremely portable. The towel also has a hanging link, allowing you to neatly store it while not in use.

What makes it so great, though?

  • Say goodbye to bringing sand home: Sand, dirt, and dust can fall through the revolutionary double-layer fabric without coming back. It also allows utilizing thinner, lighter, and faster-drying fabrics.
  • Gentle, absorbent, and weightless: This towel is made of 100 percent precisely spun polyester and is very soft to feel, as well as weightless and has high absorbent, much like your beloved Egyptian linen towels. They are lightweight, dry quicker, and sand does not adhere to them whatsoever. This prevents sand from entering your car, home, or all over your skin.
  • Spacious Enough for Stretching Out: Today’s beach towels do two things: they swiftly dry you off and create a pleasant recreational zone. Sand-free towels do both and dry quickly due to perforations in the weaving, resulting in no sand piling on the towel.

How are they washed? 

Simple! They are extremely robust and can withstand a beating, however, the most convenient way to care for your brilliantly colored sand free towel is to:

– Add it to the washing machine and use the cold-water option

– Allow drying on the line

– Or, if you are pressed for time, Tumble dry on low\

How are sand free towels better than normal beach towels?

The majority of beach towels are comprised of cotton that has been knit into a high absorbency looped terrycloth. Sure, this gives comfort and is high in absorption, but a standard towel becomes extremely heavy after usage. Cotton terry fabric’s propensity to contain water is why it is used for beachside towels, but it also means that it takes a long time to dry.

Another disadvantage is that ‘ordinary’ towels hold sand due to the looped side brought down onto the beach. If you add a wet backside to this, you’ll have a sticky, hefty, moist, and sandy towel to carry home no matter how many times you dust it off.

Microfiber outperforms cotton mostly due to its huge absorbency capability, with the physical structure of the microfibre strand providing a bigger adsorption contact area. Tesalate towels can withstand one liter of water without dripping. It’s been tried and tested, and it works! There is a lot of advanced technology here!

The way the sand comes off these towels is incredible. A trip to the beach with young children usually entails carrying part of the beach home with you in the car. However, this is no longer an issue. You barely have to shake these sand free towels off, and the sand simply slips away, dry or wet.

*Photos by Oleg Magni